Problems with Standard Treatment

It's outdated and often ineffective

Cancer Treatment Failure

Standard cancer treatment is simply no longer the best that medical science has to offer. This is because targeted therapies now exist – and they are far more effective and gentle on the body. However, standard treatment is what the majority of cancer patients are still being treated with today.

In order to make the right decision for you, it’s essential to understand the problems associated with standard cancer treatment. Learn more about the risks here:

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Problems with Standard Cancer Treatments

Not only are standard cancer treatments destructive to the body, but they’re also often ineffective. Further, they cause severe side effects that can end up creating more health problems than they solve.

  • Risks of Standard Cancer Treatment Protocols
    Standard cancer treatment:
    • Does not differentiate between healthy cells and cancerous ones
    • Causes extreme damage to your healthy cells
    • Can cause severe side effects
    • Can cause cancer recurrence
    • Can have long wait times to access
    • Is monitored using imprecise, and often inaccurate, standard testing
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Best Cancer Treatment

Targeted cancer therapies pick up where standard cancer treatment leaves off. These superior drugs target only the cancerous cells in your body, leaving the healthy cells to flourish. Because of this, targeted drugs produce fewer and less severe side effects compared to standard treatment. They also produce higher survival rates than standard treatment. When combined with precision diagnostics and oncogenomics experts, targeted therapies offer cancer patients the best chance at a healthy life.

Read more about how precision oncology can benefit you:

If you want to have peace of mind about your cancer treatment options, contact CTOAM today. Discover how you can access the best tests and treatment that medical science has to offer – for as close to free, and as close to home, as possible.

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