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How To Get Genetic Panel Testing for Cancer

Thanks to advanced genetic testing and targeted therapies, cancer is fast becoming a manageable disease. With the results from the analysis of your genetic panel, you can gain access to the targeted therapies that will be most effective for your form of cancer. Likewise, you’ll also discover what treatments won’t benefit you at all, and which might actually cause harm to you. The best part? You don’t need to do anything besides filling out a few requisition forms – CTOAM takes care of everything for you.


Genetic panel process

  1. Contact CTOAM: Contact our Cancer Care Research and Advocacy Specialists, anytime, to discuss your case and request a test – ideally, the sooner the better.
  2. Your tumour tissue gets sent for testing: CTOAM will arrange for your tumour tissue to be prepped and shipped to the nearest DNA sequencing facility.
  3. Your tumour tissue gets tested: The DNA sequencing facility will run the test on your tumour tissue.
  4. The test identifies your mutations: The sequencing facility will identify the mutated genes in your tissue that are causing your cancer cells to proliferate.
  5. CTOAM receives this data: Within 2-3 weeks, CTOAM will receive the raw data on the mutations found in your tumour tissue.
  6. CTOAM conducts detailed research: Our expert analysts will then conduct detailed personalized research into each of your mutations.
    This research will explore:
    • What is known about these mutations
    • How they interact with one another
    • The best targeted treatments currently available for those mutations, individually, as well as for the interplay between them
Money and Pills

Genetic Testing Cost for Cancer

The precision oncology approach is multifaceted. It requires several key pieces of information that must be obtained from different sources: genetic testing, diagnostic imaging, and sometimes liquid biopsies and MMR/MSI testing. Therefore, the investment can vary, depending on what specific tests you require. Please email or call us to learn more about the cost of our precision oncology services.

A basic overview of what your investment includes:

  • The comprehensive genetic test (tumor DNA sequencing)
  • Any other tests you require (PET/CT, liquid biopsy, and possibly MMR/MSI)
  • 15 hours of research and analysis time
  • GST (Goods and Services Tax: a 5% tax on services purchased in Canada)

CTOAM’s prices are generally far more affordable than other precision oncology companies. This is largely due to the fact that we’re based in Canada, where testing prices are much lower than in the United States and Europe. Particularly for American citizens, it can work out much cheaper to contract CTOAM than, for example, the Mayo clinic – which charges twice as much for the exact same services. Read more about CTOAM’s affordability.

And keep in mind that, more often than not, we’re able to help our clients access the tests and treatments through their health insurance (after we get the test results back and begin advocating for this).

Medic with blood sample tube

How Precision Cancer Medicine Works

The precision oncology process involves multiple spokes that all work together to provide you with the optimal treatment outcome for your form of cancer. When you invest in the genetic panel test, you are simultaneously investing in the other spokes of precision oncology. Therefore, the price quoted to you by CTOAM for your specific case will permit a more detailed overview of what your investment includes, such as:

  1. The detailed genetic panel
    • The most comprehensive genetic panel available today
  2. Detailed personalized research
    • 15 hours of research and expert analysis by CTOAM’s oncogenomics experts
    • Gives the detailed genetic panel its value
  3. Targeted cancer therapy treatment plan
    • Recommendations for the best targeted treatments for your form of cancer
    • Includes targeted drugs, nutraceuticals, and psychological support
  4. Detailed personalized research report
    • Share the scientific findings on your form of cancer to your oncologist and treatment team
    • Used to advocate for access to the targeted drugs and with your insurance company
  5. Test and treatment consultation and coordination
    • Support with accessing all necessary tests and treatments
    • Coordinating with your treatment team to help you get the tests and treatment in your hometown (whenever possible)
  6. Ongoing treatment monitoring and support
    • Frequent support from our care team throughout the process
    • Answers to all your questions, anytime – we are here for you
    • Updates on any advancements in cancer research that may affect your form of cancer and your treatment plan

Advanced genetic testing plays a fundamental role in precision oncology. The sooner you get a detailed genetic panel and have it analyzed by an expert, the sooner you can move forward to getting the best form of treatment available for your form of cancer.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer and want to make sure you’re getting the most effective, and least invasive, treatment that medical science has to offer, please contact CTOAM today. Our precision oncology specialists are standing by to help you get back to feeling healthy as soon as possible.

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Join our FREE training for cancer patients and loved ones...

"New Cancer Treatments and How to Get Them"

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