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Schedule your free 20 minute consultation with CTOAM’s Director of Scientific Research, Alex Rolland. There is no cost, commitment, or consequence – this is really a conversation to help you understand more about your form of cancer and all the options that are available to you beyond the mainstream medical system.

Please talk to us as as soon as possible so that you can make the most informed decision about your cancer treatment options. We look forward to hearing from you – and helping you get better, faster.

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If you don't see a time slot that works for you, please email us at to arrange one that does.

Read our patient testimonials! See how Samantha went from being told her cancer was deadly to not only surviving but living a good quality of life for 11 years now and counting.

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Toll free: 1-833-493-5463
Direct: 778-999-5463
Fax: 1-866-264-1619
To reach individual members of the CTOAM team:
1-833-493-5463 or 778-999-5463 plus extension
1 for Alex Rolland and the Science Team
2 for Nadine Collison
3 for Gail Ziegelmeier
5 for Michelle Morand

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