Is Your Diagnosis Accurate?

Prevent a cancer misdiagnosis with better tests

Cancer Diagnosis Failures

Typically, standard cancer treatment starts with diagnostic tests such as an ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI. Unfortunately, these tests are far less effective in cancer detection than a PET/CT scan. If you or a loved one have received a cancer diagnosis, it’s essential that you understand the problems with standard cancer tests. They are the cause of many misdiagnoses and other issues.

  • Standard cancer diagnostics are problematic because they:
    • Do not effectively differentiate cancerous tissue from non-cancerous
    • Can not identify the most aggressive tumours
    • Do not clearly identify the location of all tumours in your body
  • Consequences of using standard diagnostics are:
    • Patients are frequently misdiagnosed
    • Doctors are unable to prioritize treatment for aggressive tumours
    • Tumours are often completely missed
    • Doctors remove only part of the tumour during surgery (since they didn’t see the rest)

Learn more about why you should think twice about trusting the results of standard diagnostic tools:

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Best Tests for Cancer Detection

On the bright side, superior diagnostic tools do exist. Between PET/CT scans and genetic testing, we can identify exactly where the cancer is located in your body, how aggressive it is, and if your treatment is working optimally.

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