Premier Care Package

Ensure you have the best personalized cancer care possible, in the world

Premier Care Package

Medical Records Review, Extensive Genetic Sequencing, Comprehensive Personalized Research Review, Detailed Targeted Treatment Options Report & Follow-Up Treatment Monitoring and Consultations

The Most Thorough Treatment Plan In Cancer Care

Our treatment plans have been followed by oncologists around the globe, including world renowned facilities such as The Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, and Johns Hopkins.

If you want to know you’re doing the best you can do for yourself, and have the most peace of mind throughout your cancer care, your Premier Care Package is the gold standard of precision oncology, worldwide.

Pillar 1: Genetic Testing

This package is for any cancer patient who wants to cover all the bases and ensure they’ve left no stone unturned in identifying possible treatment options and in having the education, support, and advocacy to access the best treatment that medical science can provide at this time. We use two broad panel genetic tests (one somatic and one for inherited mutations), as well as ongoing liquid biopsy treatment monitoring.

Pillar 2: Personalized Research

Given the detail that the Broad Panel Genetic Testing provides, and our goal to ensure you know about every possible option that will provide you with benefits greater than what you’ve currently been prescribed, this package also requires our research team to engage in many hours of personalized research. This allows us to thoroughly explore and identify any and all of the best options that pertain to you, worldwide.

Pillar 3: Personalized Treatment Plan

We’ll stay connected with you to coordinate your access to treatment options. And we’ll also design a personalized liquid biopsy to monitor how well your treatment is working. We will then coordinate your monitoring tests to ensure your treatment is working as hoped and that no time is wasted.

Pillar 4: Personalized Monitoring Program

And we’ll constantly review your treatment plan to ensure that any new treatments that are available, and of benefit to you, are added to your list of treatment options. This ensures that you always have the most current information about how best to treat your cancer.

The CTOAM Premier Care Package includes:

  • Your Initial 1 hour consultation where you get to ask our research and support team all the questions you have about cancer;
  • Collection and Review of your medical records and personal health and family history;
  • Coordination of Broad Panel Genetic Test;
  • Coordination of Genetic Inheritance and Carrier Test;
  • Our unique, personalized Liquid Biopsy Monitoring Program;
  • Personalized Research Review Process to identify your best options for treatment;
  • Personalized Nutraceutical Diet and Exercise Program Creation;
  • Team Consultation and Development of your personalized research report;
  • Delivery Consultation where we present you and your care team with our overall findings:
    • Outlining recommended best options for treatment;
    • Reviewing and Discussing your Nutraceutical diet and Exercise program;
    • Until everything makes good sense.
  • Follow-up consultations, as needed, to discuss your treatment options and treatment monitoring and to make rapid adjustments to your treatment plan.

How long does it take?

The Premier Care Package is the most thorough cancer care treatment plan available, worldwide, because it used the most advanced tests, the most current research, and many hours of research time, to provide you with the most precise diagnosis and treatment plan that medical science can offer.

Your Premier Care Package has a number of significant components. Each takes a different amount of time to ensure we’re covering all of the bases that medical science has to offer you at this time.

This package requires a significant amount of research – and this research is performed in stages as information from your medical history, inherited genetics tests, and somatic genetic testing becomes available to us. Starting within the first 2 weeks, you’ll begin to receive results from our tests and review.

We want you to be able to make use of targeted treatment options as quickly as possible. So the delivery of your Premier Care Package will come to you in 3 distinct stages:


  • 10 Days: You’ll be able to begin exploring your targeted diet and exercise plan within 10 days.
  • 2-3 Weeks: You’ll begin to receive treatment related information from our initial research review and inherited genetic testing panel, within 2-3 weeks.
  • 5 Weeks: Overall, the time from first consultation to final report delivery with your Broad Panel Genetic Testing data will be 5 weeks or sooner.
  • 3-6 Weeks: Ongoing monitoring tests and subsequent consultations will occur 3-6 weeks after initiation of treatment and 3-6 weeks thereafter.
  • Anytime: You can contact your CTOAM team anytime with any questions you might have about your treatment. We are here, every step of the way, to ensure you have confidence in, and peace of mind about your cancer care plan.

Fee Range
USD: $19,105.00 USD to $34,370.00 USD (plus applicable GST)
CAD: $25,000.00 CAD to $45,000.00 CAD (plus applicable GST)

What if I want more support?

Our Premier Care Package is designed to meet all of your needs. It includes regular consultations and support from many CTOAM team members, including:

  • Ongoing dietary counselling
  • Clinical research
  • Advocacy
  • Consultation with your treatment team
  • Personal counselling consultations for you and family members

If you ever feel that you’d like even more connection, guidance, and support, we are here for you. Our Premier Care Package is designed to take care of everything for you, from the very start of treatment to the all clear. So just call us anytime you need anything.

Liquid Biopsy Monitoring Program & Ongoing Personalized Liquid Biopsy:
For the Earliest Possible Detection of Recurrence

We are the only service in the world that creates personalized blood screening tests for cancerous mutations.

While you are undergoing treatment you’ll have regular liquid biopsy tests to ensure that your treatment is working as well as it should be, and that you don’t get more doses than you need. We can tell with 99.9% confidence when your cancer is in full remission with this blood based test.

This also means that once your cancer is gone, we can provide you with annual, peace of mind monitoring in a way no one else can. You will have 99.9% confidence that your cancer is gone.

Every year, we’ll coordinate a simple blood draw and we’ll test your blood to see if the amount of cells carrying the cancerous mutation have gone up or stayed the same.

If they’ve increased, we know that cancer is developing and we can begin a targeted therapy regime immediately – often years before the cancer would be detectable on a standard diagnostic panel, including imaging technologies like CT scan and even PET/CT scan.

If they haven’t increased, then you know, with confidence, exactly what’s going on in your body and that your cancer is not making a comeback.

This first-of-its-kind early detection monitoring program is designed by our very own sister service, Liquid Biopsy Labs.

Discover more about our Liquid Biopsy Cancer Prevention and Monitoring packages.

Want more information about any of these services? Contact our care team anytime.

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