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Assessment Package

CTOAM No Risk Second Opinion

You’ll have greater confidence in whatever action you take after a CTOAM Second Opinion. Our Assessment Package is intended for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and want the peace of mind of knowing they are on the right track with their treatment choices.

You’ll have experts in the field of cancer reviewing your medical history and current diagnosis. Within 10 days, you’ll begin to receive evidence-based feedback confirming your current diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as providing clear, concise next steps.

This is also an excellent package for those who have already had some genetic testing performed and want to ensure that all of the information that can be gleaned from this data is being utilized to the very best advantage, on your behalf.

The CTOAM Assessment Package Includes:

  • Your Initial 1-2 hour Consultation, where you get to ask our research and support team all the questions you have about cancer;
  • Collection and Review of your medical records, personal health, and family history;
  • Personalized Research Review Process to identify best next steps for deeper diagnosis and for treatment;
  • Personalized Nutraceutical Diet and Exercise Program Creation;
  • Team Consultation and Development of your personalized research report;
  • Delivery Consultation, where we present you and your care team with our overall findings:
    • Outlining recommended next steps for additional testing if required; and
    • Detailing initial treatment options, with references for your review; and
    • Reviewing and Discussing your Nutraceutical diet and Exercise program;
    • Until everything makes good sense.
  • 2 Follow-up Consultations to ensure you’re clear on your next steps and to answer any additional questions that may have arisen as you’re exploring options and experimenting with your diet and exercise program.

How Long Does it Take?

The time from first consultation to report delivery will be 10 days or sooner.

For pricing information, please contact us.

To this personal package you can add any of our services and tests, as needed, including ongoing dietary, clinical research or counselling consultations at any time.

Annual, peace of mind monitoring of any inherited mutations can also be provided. (Fee will depend on which mutations we are testing for).

Want more information about any of these services? Contact our care team anytime.

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