Essentials Precision Oncology Package

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Essentials Precision Oncology Package

Consultation; Medical Records Review; Genetic Testing (Tissue and Liquid); Personalized Research Report; Nutrition and Exercise Program; Delivery Consultation

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CTOAM: The Most Thorough Treatment Plan In Cancer Care

I’m sure you’d much rather not be reading about cancer care packages right now. You’d like to go back to that day before the news came. And I’d like that for you, too.

But since you can’t do that, I’m glad you are here. We are going to get you through this as quickly and easily as possible.

Over the last decade, we have been fortunate to collaborate with oncologists around the globe. We’ve had our treatment plans followed by world renowned facilities such as the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, and Johns Hopkins.

For over 10 years, we’ve been providing our patients with the best fighting chance against cancer. Using the most advanced medical science, and our worldwide network of cancer research experts, we find out exactly what is driving your cancer to grow. Then we research which treatments are optimized for your cancer, and we link you and your doctor to them.

The Essentials Precision Oncology Package sets the standard for precision oncology, worldwide. It includes 3 of the 4 Pillars of Precision Oncology – and everything you need for the most accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment plan.

The CTOAM Essentials Precision Oncology Package Includes:

  • Initial 1 hour consultation;
  • Collection and Review of your medical records and personal health and family history;
  • Coordination of Tissue-Based Genetic Test;
  • Coordination of Fulgent Comprehensive Blood-Based Genetic Test;
  • Personalized Research Review Process to identify your best options for treatment;
  • Personalized Nutraceutical Diet and Exercise Program Creation;
  • Development of your Personalized Research Report;
  • Treatment Report Delivery Consultation: Outlining the best options for treatment.

Pillar 1: Genetic Testing

DNA for Genetic Testing

The First Pillar in your Essentials Precision Oncology Package is Diagnostics. This personalized cancer care package uses two excellent genetic tests to gather key information on both the genetic alterations that you’ve developed over a lifetime, as well as the ones you were born with. This data is what builds the foundation of your treatment plan. Simply put, the more of this information you have, the more personalized and successful your treatment plan will be. So we have loaded this plan with two of the very best tests of their kind.

Pillar 1a) Tumour Tissue DNA Testing

This Tumor Tissue DNA Test looks at known cancer related mutations in your tumour tissue. We can then link them to treatments that are known to work well on any of the mutations found.

Importantly, this information also helps us to know which treatments won’t work.

And it tells us which of the many targeted treatments and various forms of chemotherapy and immunotherapy won’t work well together and which will work best together, based on the genetic mutations found in your test.

That’s some pretty important data you don’t want to be making decisions about your cancer care without.

Pillar 1b) Blood-Based Inherited Mutations Testing

The second test that we feel is essential to the best cancer treatment plan is called the Fulgent Comprehensive. Unlike the tissue-based panel above, this is a blood-based test. (And, in case you were wondering, there’s no need for a trip to the lab! We coordinate a nurse to come to you.)

The Fulgent Comprehensive genetic panel identifies if you are a carrier of any of 127 known inherited cancer related mutations. Being a carrier is valuable information because it often means that there are targeted treatment options available to you that will make your cancer care even more successful.

With these two genetic tests you will have the most accurate foundation for your treatment plan. No time wasted on treatments that aren’t right for you, and no unnecessary side-effects.

Pillar 2: Personalized Research

Our mission is to ensure you know about every possible option that could provide you with benefits greater than what you have currently been prescribed.

This means that for our team, getting your genetic testing results back is just the start of our work for you. Now we dive deep into all the relevant information we can find and we consult with our colleagues to ensure we have collected as thorough a synopsis as possible.

Given the detail that your Tumor Tissue DNA Testing and Fulgent Genetic Testing Panels provide, our research team spends many hours researching your case to become the experts on what is going to help you most.

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Pillar 3: Personalized Treatment Plan

Now that we’ve confirmed the treatments that will be the best for you, we deliver your treatment report in consultation with you. Once you confirm which treatment you’d like to begin, we deliver our report to your oncologist and work with them to help you rapidly begin treatment.

Pillar 4: Personalized Monitoring Program – Not Applicable

This program is called the essentials. It includes all the stuff you absolutely must have to get started on the best possible treatment for you.

Liquid Biopsy treatment monitoring makes up the 4th Pillar of the best cancer treatment plans, including our Premier Care Package.

But, a thorough diagnosis with personalized research and a highly accurate treatment plan truly are the essentials; and this package, covering the first 3 Pillars, will provide you with the Gold Standard of Cancer Care and the most personalized and precise treatment plan possible today.

However, if your genetic testing results show that a targeted therapy will serve you best, then liquid biopsy tests can be highly advantageous for you. In this case, we can discuss liquid biopsy monitoring with you, should the need arise. We can add that element to your care package, if and when needed. For now, you need the essentials: Genetic testing and personalized research, ASAP.

How long does it take?

The Essentials Precision Oncology Package is thorough, and very fast. Generally we will have all your test results back within 3 weeks – usually sooner. And your treatment report is ready just a few days after that.

We’ll help you coordinate the timing of your treatment report consultation and doctor’s appointments so your oncologist gets the report and meets with you very shortly thereafter to implement your treatment plan.

Fee Range
USD: $11,465.00 USD to $19,105.00 USD (plus applicable GST)
CAD: $15,000.00 CAD to $25,000.00 CAD (plus applicable GST)

Additional CTOAM and Liquid Biopsy Labs Services

Our Essentials Precision Oncology Package has been created to ensure that the most important elements required to build you the best cancer treatment plan are provided to you. However, if you like, you can also add on some of our other services as needed.

The 4th Pillar: Liquid Biopsy Treatment Monitoring

If you’re familiar with the Four Pillars of Precision Oncology, this package offers 3 of 4 Pillars. The Essentials are 3 of the 4 most important pieces of the cancer care puzzle.

The 4th Pillar is Precision Treatment Monitoring using Liquid Biopsy. This is especially valuable when you’re on a targeted therapy or immunotherapy. I’ve attached a little more information about Liquid Biopsies at the end of this document if you’d like to know more and, of course, you can ask us about this anytime.

Additional Advocacy and Support Services

Our team also provides the following services to our Essential Precision Oncology patients, as needed. We have hourly and package rates.

  • Ongoing dietary counselling
  • Clinical research
  • Advocacy
  • Consultation with your treatment team
  • Personal counselling consultations for you and family members

If you ever feel that you’d like even more connection, guidance, and support, we are here for you. Just call.

Want more information about any of these services? Contact our care team anytime.

A Little More Information on Liquid Biopsies

Genetic Testing Blood Sample

Liquid Biopsy Monitoring Program & Ongoing Personalized Liquid Biopsy:
For the Earliest Possible Detection of Recurrence

We are the only service in the world, at this time, that creates personalized blood screening tests for cancerous mutations.

While you are undergoing treatment, you’ll have the world’s most accurate liquid biopsy tests, regularly, to ensure that your treatment is working as well as it should be, and that you don’t get any more doses than you need.

We can tell, with 99.9% confidence, when your cancer is in full remission with this blood-based test.

This also means that, once your cancer is gone, we can provide you with annual, peace of mind monitoring in a way no one else can. You will have 99.9% confidence that your cancer is gone!

Every year, we’ll coordinate a simple blood draw and we’ll test your blood to see if the amount of cells carrying the cancerous mutation have gone up or stayed the same.

If they’ve increased, then we know that cancer is developing and we can begin a targeted therapy regime immediately – often years before the cancer would be detectable on a standard diagnostic panel, including imaging technologies like CT scan and even PET/CT scan.

If they haven’t increased, then you know – with confidence! – exactly what’s going on in your body and that your cancer is not making a comeback.

This first-of-its-kind early detection monitoring program is designed by our very own sister service, Liquid Biopsy Labs.

Discover more about our Liquid Biopsy Cancer Prevention and Monitoring packages.

Want more information about any of these services? Contact our care team anytime.

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