This blog is a collection of my favorite new advances in cancer diagnostics, imaging and surgery currently available. The start of each post contains a brief description of the technique, reasons I included it and a link to the website.

New Evidence that Widespread Breast Screening with Mammography is not Effective

If you are still putting great stock in the process of mammography for breast cancer screening it’s time to rethink your strategy. The Journal of the American Medicine Association (JAMA) recently published an article that echoes the data being… [Learn More…]

MRI for Pre-surgical Detection of Mutations in Brain Tumors

Mutations in the isocitrate dehydrogenase genes (IDH1 and IDH2) are found in roughly 70 % of low and intermediate-grade gliomas, and the presence of these mutations means patients generally survive longer, but don’t respond as well to standard… [Learn More…]

Diagnosis and Classification of Brain Tumors Using Mass Spectrometry

Brain tissue biopsies obtained during surgery are used to histologically diagnose and grade brain tumors, to discriminate normal from diseased tissue and to determine the best treatments. However, this approach is limited by tissue characterization… [Learn More…]

Multi-Session Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Cancers of the Brain

Gamma Knife is a form of external stereostatic radiosurgery that uses 192 smaller beams of radiation to converge on a precise area of the body. With an accuracy of 0.5mm, Gamma Knife has minimal effects on surrounding healthy tissues and can be used… [Learn More…]

NICO Myriad: An Amazing New Surgical Tool!

This amazing new tool allows for minimally invasive brain tumor removal combined with extraction of live tumor samples in order to determine the most effective treatment protocol. I like this tool because it is highly innovative, has a modular… [Learn More…]

PET-MRI: The Benefits Of PET-CT Without The Radiation

PET-MRI is better than PET-CT at showing detailed anatomical information such as angiogenesis. I like this technique because it allows identification of tumors without the use of ionizing radiation, which can be important for repeated scanning to… [Learn More…]

Gamma Knife For Small Recurrent High-Grade Gliomas Following Prior Radical Resection

Gamma Knife utilizes a technique called stereostactic radiosurgery, which uses multiple beams of radiation converging in three dimensions to focus on small volume tumors and permitting intense doses of radiation to be delivered to that volume… [Learn More…]

Using Genomic Data To Improve The Therapeutic Stratification Of Patients

This AML project will increase the use of AML genomic data to improve the therapeutic stratification of patients, thereby leading to more personalized treatment of AML and hopefully, improved outcomes. Personalized Medicine on the Horizon for BC… [Learn More…]