What is Precision Oncology?

Precision Oncology

Simply put, Precision Oncology is the science of ensuring that your cancer treatment is specifically designed and targeted to your unique form of cancer. Precision Oncology is the wave of the future of cancer treatment.

No Two Cancers Are Alike

In all of the years we’ve been helping patients to do everything they can to eradicate their cancer, our researchers have never come across two patients with exactly the same cancer.

While we may have had many breast, lung, brain or prostate cancer patients, no two have had the exact same mutations driving their cancer and each has required a unique combination of nutraceuticals and targeted therapies, utilized in a certain order, in addition to other treatment interventions, to overcome the threat to their lives.

With our 6 step process for Personalized Cancer Treatment and Precision Oncology we have helped many men and women worldwide who had been told to prepare for the end, to live many more years cancer free.

It is just a matter of time before standard cancer treatment naturally includes each of these life-saving innovations, but until then, we are here to provide you with options that are proven to extend your life expectancy beyond the outcome of standard cancer treatment.


Everything we share with our patients, from the tests we use, to the treatment options we recommend, is based on peer-reviewed scientific data only. It’s not our opinion, it’s scientific fact.

Additionally, we only share those treatment options that have been shown to have extended the lives of cancer patients behind what standard cancer treatment can provide at this time.

The medical system moves slowly, largely due to something we, as individuals, have no power over: Government funding of diagnostic tests and of treatment options.

For every patient we have ever had, we have found scientifically proven, life-saving tests and treatments that were not accessible through the standard cancer treatment system.  We helped our patients access these treatments and thus provided them with options that they would not have even known existed let alone been able to access and benefit from.

In time these treatments will become a part of standard cancer treatment – they are just too successful not to be fully embraced – regardless of funding and bureaucracy.

But you need them now, not in 10 years,  and we will help you access them today

6 Key Steps for Success

In our experience as innovators in cancer research and cancer education, there are 6 key steps for maximizing the successful outcome of your cancer treatment. These 6 steps make up the complete package of Precision Oncology today.

Our job is to make sure you know about the best options that science and medicine have to offer you from each of these key categories, and help you access them to make the absolute most out of the technology that exists today in all areas of cancer diagnosis and cancer therapy treatment.

When you use all 6 of these innovative approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment you are utilizing all best that science and medicine have to offer you and you are greatly increasing your likelihood of a successful treatment outcome.

Just one of these approaches can make a huge difference to your success. When you apply all of them, you definitely give yourself the upper hand over cancer. And we believe everyone deserves that option!

1. Enhanced Imaging Techniques (PET/CT):

We utilize the most advanced diagnostic tools to gain a clear, concise image of where exactly the cancer is in your body.

2. Targeted Cancer Therapy Testing:

We utilize detailed genetic tests of your tumour biopsy tissue to identify the genes that are mutated and triggering the growth of cancer in your body:

Detailed Genetic Tumour Analysis

We use innovative techniques such as liquid biopsies (also known as ctDNA or cfDNA) to provide immediate targeted diagnoses and to monitor treatment progress with a simple, non-invasive blood test:

Liquid Biopsy (ctDNA, cfDNA)

3. Personalized Genetic Research and Targeted Cancer Therapy Identification:

We design a targeted cancer therapy treatment plan just for you, and consult with you and your treatment team, as needed, to support you all the way through your treatment and on to prevention of recurrence.

In addition to these excellent tools for diagnosis and targeted cancer therapy research, your Personalized Cancer Treatment Plan will likely include:

4. Personalized Nutraceutical Diets

5. Innovative Surgical, Radiation, and Chemotherapy Techniques

6. Targeted Cancer Therapy Treatments

These 6 key steps of Precision Oncology ensure that you are getting the best treatment available worldwide for your cancer, leading to reduced treatment side-effects and better treatment outcomes than standard treatment.

Click on the link to each step to learn more about that particular piece of the Precision Oncology puzzle and how to access it. Or simply call and we’ll be happy to chat with you and answer your questions directly. We can be reached at 778-990-4606 and welcome the opportunity to help you in any way we can.