Using TH-302 And Avastin For Treatment Resistant Glioblastoma

TH-302 is a novel small molecule hypoxia-targeted drug that is selectively activated by the low oxygen conditions believed to be induced in tumors by antiangiogenic therapies. Avastin is a monoclonal antibody that affects tumor vasculature (angiogenesis) and is used to treat glioblastoma in patients whose cancer has progressed after treatment. I like this approach because the two drugs have a synergistic effect when combined together that is more effective than either drug alone.
Threshold Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation of Clinical Trial Evaluating TH-302 in Combination with Bevacizumab at University of Texas at San Antonio.


  1. John Worch says:

    I have reoccuring glioblastoma and am currently on this study..In San Antonio Texas.

  2. Thanks for your comment John. Perhaps you could update us on your experiences with this trial. Take care.

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