Targeted Cancer Therapy

Targeted Cancer Therapy is the Future of Cancer Treatment.

Science has now shown that cancer is unique to each individual and that successful cancer treatment needs to consider the unique mutations and variables that are driving cancer to grow in your body.

Targeted cancer therapy is a term that is most often used to describe an innovative approach to chemotherapy in which  your blood plasma or tumour tissue is tested to identify the mutations in your DNA that are driving your cancer to grow.

These mutations are then matched to chemotherapy drugs that are designed specifically for those mutations. This means that your treatment only targets those cells that have that specific mutation, leaving your happy, healthy cells to thrive.

Keep in mind that targeted cancer therapy can also refer to non- chemotherapy treatments such a nutraceutical diets and other, non-drug, cancer treatment options. Once we know which genes are driving your cancer, any solution or option we provide you with is going to be one that directly targets those mutations.

The Two Best Things About Targeted Cancer Therapy

This provides you with many great benefits but the two most important ones in our opinion are:

1. First, and most importantly: You are far more likely to have a successful treatment outcome because the treatment you are engaging in is directly targeting the mutations involved in your cancer and is therefore only impacting the cancer cells in your body.

For chemotherapy this is beneficial for two key reasons: 1. It means that you receive less of the drug overall than you would with standard chemotherapy and 2. Your treatment doesn’t harm the healthy cells in your body.

For nutraceutical diets it means that you can feel confident that the supplements and foods you are ingesting are directly affecting the cells that need it for treatment and for aiding in the prevention of recurrence.

2. The side-effects that you experience when engaging in targeted therapies are significantly reduced compared to those of standard chemotherapy. This is because standard chemotherapy attacks all the growth cells in your body (that’s why we lose our hair often during standard chemotherapy).

With targeted chemotherapy only the cells that harbour the mutation that is causing your cancer are affected. This leaves you with far fewer side effects and a more rapid treatment recovery.

These are two excellent reasons to ensure that targeted cancer therapy is a big part of your cancer treatment plan.

Targeted chemotherapy and your personalized nutraceutical diet work together to create a synergistic effect that consistently generates significantly greater results over those of standard cancer treatment.

How To Access Targeted Cancer Therapy

In order to access targeted cancer therapy you must have received some form of genetic testing which shows a specific mutation is, in fact, a significant factor in your cancer. We can arrange this testing for you easily. In fact, within 3 weeks you can have all the data you need to know exactly which drugs and nutraceuticals will be best for you, and get started on your targeted cancer therapy treatment.

Targeted cancer drugs can be expensive if purchased privately. However, with the solid data you gain from our detailed genetic testing and personalized research, many of our patients have been then able to access the right targeted cancer therapy for their cancer within the standard medical system and no additional cost.

Alternatively, our patients have also been able to access the most beneficial targeted cancer therapy for them in the context of a clinical trial. If this is the right avenue for you, we provide personal clinical trial search and coordination services to make sure you get rapid access to the treatment you need.

Oftentimes our patients are able to join a clinical trial to access the right targeted cancer therapy for them, and remain at home and receive the treatment from their own oncologist.

Cancer treatment is changing every day. Targeted cancer therapy is the future of  cancer treatment but you don’t have to wait for the future in order to make sure you’re getting the right drug for your cancer.

Contact us today to arrange for your tests and personalized research to ensure you know what the best possible treatment options are and how to access them. We will help you every single step of the way.