ER Positive Breast Cancer

How Personalized Research Helped Anna

Breast Cancer Success Story: Anna (age 68)

Anna, breast cancer suvivor

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Patient Presentation: ER/PR Positive Stage IV Breast Cancer

Anna is a 68-year-old woman diagnosed with ER/PR positive stage IV breast cancer, showing extensive bone metastasis. Her oncologist had prescribed a treatment regimen of Tamoxifen and Clodronate.

But Anna wanted to know for certain that she was on the right treatment plan. So she reached out to CTOAM for a second opinion.

Breast Cancer Success Story

How CTOAM Helped Anna

1. Records Review and Personalized Research
After CTOAM reviewed Anna’s medical records and life history, our research showed that this drug combination was, in fact, ineffective for her.

Understanding Breast Cancer Treatment

What is Clodronate?

Clodronate belongs to a class of drugs called bisphosphonates. These drugs prevent the loss of bone mass by inhibiting the bone cells that break down bone tissue. However, Clodronate does not prevent bone metastasis.

What is Zoledronic Acid?

Zoledronic acid also belongs to the bisphosphonate group of drugs. However, Zoledronic acid has been repeatedly shown to directly prevent metastasis. Zoledronic acid inhibits metastasis by reducing the occurrence of circulating tumour cells and inhibiting growth factors that induce breast cancer cell migration.

It has also been shown to be particularly effective in women who have been post-menopausal for more than five years and have not recently had chemotherapy.

DNA Cancer Research

2. Interim Treatment Monitoring and Patient Advocacy

CTOAM’s experts recommended to Anna’s oncologist that Anna be switched from Clodronate to Zoledronic acid immediately.

  • Public system shortcomings: During the operation, the same low-grade cancer was found in Anna’s cervix, uterus, omentum, and the stomach girdle piece. All of the cancer was removed during the surgery.
  • CTOAM’s patient advocacy: Had Anna not gotten a second opinion from CTOAM, the consequences would have been severe. If she’d believed the clean bill of health given to her by her oncologist, the disease would have progressed untreated. This would have resulted in extensive metastasis.

3. Patient Outcome

Within two months of receiving Zoledronic acid, Anna’s tumour markers went down significantly.

  • Breast cancer treatment success: In fact, recent bone scans showed the resolution of multiple metastatic lesions. Anna is now feeling much more energized and is well on the road to recovery.
Patient Outcome from Research

Had Anna not contacted CTOAM, her outcome likely would have been very different. If she’d continued on the standard protocol her oncologist recommended, the metastasis would almost certainly have increased – and Anna would likely not have survived.

Instead, she opted for treatment recommended by CTOAM, which caused the metastasis to decrease. Now Anna’s quality of life has greatly improved and she continues to feel better during her recovery.

This is the power of precision oncology.


As you can see, CTOAM’s advanced diagnostics, records review, and consultations can result in significant benefits to a patient’s outcome. Having access to a team of precision oncology specialists, doctors, and patient advocates can make all the difference in the outcome of your disease.

If you or a loved one has cancer, contact us today so we can do a brief review of your medical records. CTOAM’s cancer research and patient advocacy experts will ensure that you have access to the most advanced tests and treatments available for your unique form of cancer – as close to home as possible.

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