Dear Alex,

My battle with cancer began in November 2011 when I was told I had an aggressive form of breast cancer. On December 30th I had a mastectomy and some lymph nodes removed. It was recommended that I also undergo a full course of chemotherapy and radiation.

Shortly after my surgery I had the good fortune of attending a health show in Victoria where Alex Rolland of Cancer Treatment Options and Management Inc was speaking. What he said struck a real cord with me and clearly with many other attendees looking for both alternate ways of dealing with their own cancers or like myself, looking to support the conventional treatment of chemo and radiation as set out for me by my specialists.

I arranged a one-hour consultation with Alex and came away with a sound plan to help sensitize my cancer cells to the chemo and target the cancer-causing genes through supplements and dietary changes. Alex remained unfailingly positive and accessible for my many questions. That is a great comfort for any cancer patient!

Alex’s company seeks to provide a personalized approach to managing a patient’s cancer. Their research scientists are up to date on the latest advances in cancer research so that the plan they outline for each patient maximizes their chances for a successful outcome. Alex was keen to work cooperatively with my oncologist. It is my belief that all cancer patients would be better served by this collaborative approach to treatment. As I begin my radiation next week I will continue with Alex on my ‘team’. I am confident that his recommendations will be every bit as critical for my outcome as the radiation itself.

Sonja Fasoli, 57 years of age and in love with life.
Victoria, BC