Massively Increase Chances of Beating Cancer with Personalized Therapy

So you (or one of your loved ones) were diagnosed with cancer and told that chemo is your best option. It might feel like you don’t have any other choice. After all, if your oncologist is telling you that you need chemo, it’s probably your best option, right?
Not necessarily.

Even though doctors do their best to help you with diagnosis and treatment, the methods they have at their disposal are, unfortunately, not the best options available. Due to budgeting and bureaucracy issues, it takes a long time until the newest methods become available for your doctor to use.
Luckily, these advanced tests and treatments are available through the help of Cancer Care Consultants at CTOAM. CTOAM's mission is to help cancer patients access these state-of-the-art methods so they can live longer, with higher quality life, and become cancer-free.
"We had great success with CTOAM for my husband, Greg’s melanoma. Greg has followed CTOAM’s recommendations and is now over 5 years cancer free!"

Increase Your Odds of Beating Cancer with Personalized Testing & Treatment

Your current treatment plan might not be the right one for you.

Precision Testing & Treatment: Choose your cancer treatment with confidence

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Precision Cancer Treatment: Kills Your Cancer, Keeps the Rest of You Healthy

Cancer is caused by certain changes in your genes, called genetic mutations. We now know hundreds of genetic mutations that cause cancer – and, happily, there are now drug therapies for almost all of them! Your cancer treatment should target your specific gene mutations. This is what targeted therapy does.

Standard chemo is designed to kill ALL the rapidly-reproducing cells in your body – it does not know the difference between cancer cells and healthy hair or skin cells. It simply kills them all. This is very harmful to your overall health.

Targeted treatment, on the other hand, only kills the cells with cancer. And it leaves your healthy cells alone to flourish and help you heal.

In order to find out what targeted treatment will work for your cancer, you need to get your genes tested. Genetic testing shows us what your specific gene mutations are. This allows us the match them to a targeted treatment that’s been proven to kill your exact mutation(s).

Precision genetic testing and targeted treatment give you much higher survival rates than standard cancer care. Plus a higher quality of life and better health overall.

"I’ve been on the [targeted] drugs now for a few months and I feel better than I’ve felt in a couple of years. I feel really good – like, shockingly good. And I’m not having any side effects from them at all. I feel fabulous."

Raise Your Chances of Becoming Cancer-Free with Precision Genetic Testing

Are you sure your diagnosis is accurate?

Precision Genetic Testing will tell you for sure, and what the best treatment is.

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The Most Successful & Advanced Approach to Cancer Care

Your chances of progression-free survival are greatly improved with targeted treatments and Precision Oncology. Many peer-review studies prove this. The same is true for tumour shrinkage rates.

Precision Oncology approaches cancer treatment from several different angles. Advanced diagnostic tools, detailed genomic tests, and targeted therapies all work in harmony. Together, they create the most precise diagnosis and treatment plan for your specific form of cancer.

Looking for an Alternative to Standard Chemotherapy?

"Precision medicine is not the future of cancer care – it is the present."
Don Dizon, MD, FACP (American Society of Clinical Oncology)
"Precision oncology is the evolving understanding of how cancers develop on a genomic level and our ability to develop drugs that hone in on those targets – ultimately leading to better patient outcomes."
Novartis Oncology
"Personalised medicine can be described as: The right medicine for the right patient at the right time."

"I’m happy I chose to go with CTOAM because it’s given me more time to spend with my family. Alex from CTOAM has been very encouraging. If I could go back in time, I would have started with CTOAM faster if I’d heard about them sooner. The immunotherapy helped me get 2.5 years when the original prognosis was six months. If I were to give advice to someone else with cancer, I’d say phone CTOAM right away."

"I‘ve just trusted in the medical system in this country forever and I was really surprised to find that by going to a private oncologist that CTOAM connected me with, I could get the drugs I actually need versus the drugs that BC Cancer Agency could give me. CTOAM was able to help me get these drugs, so I’m not paying for them.

I know that before starting the targeted drugs I was feeling really bad. I don’t think I ever realized how badly I was feeling. And I feel wonderful now! It’s incredible how I feel now. I’m almost afraid to say it…they’re going to make me go back to work!"

I was impressed with the research and knowledge that Alex from CTOAM has. He’s explained everything along the way; I’ve come to trust him implicitly. He always gives me hope, which is a huge benefit.

I’d recommend for anyone diagnosed with cancer to give CTOAM a call and use this service. A doctor’s just a doctor – meaning, they don’t have time to do the research that CTOAM does, plus they have to stick with the protocols of standard care.

"CTOAM changed my oncologist’s original view of what he would have done. As time goes on, CTOAM’s approaches have been validated not once, not twice, but three times! And so, today? Total confidence! Wouldn’t doubt at all that I made the right decision.

Hire somebody like CTOAM that can help you get this genetic testing, personalized research, and advocacy done. All I wanted to do was to be able to say to my family that I’ve done the best I could. And, with CTOAM, I know I have."

"My father is doing very well. He just had his appointment with his oncologist who gave him a glowing report. Best possible outcome. I am sure that the immunotherapy was instrumental in his cancer being undetectable a year after diagnosis…especially without surgery. We are confident that this good report will continue into the future."

We are very grateful for CTOAM’s help and do believe more people should have access to this treatment [Keytruda]. We hope this will make the treatment more accessible, too. Once again, thank you so much."

"I think my advice to anyone diagnosed with cancer would be to look outside the medical system. You need to be in charge of your cancer care. You need to do more than what the oncologist is telling you you to do – you need to know more. When it’s life or death, standard care is not good enough. It’s just not good enough. I think it's about empowering yourself, however you do that. CTOAM worked for us, so that’s why it’s my recommendation."

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