Get a PET-CT Scan

Find out exactly where your cancer is

How to Get a PET/CT Scan

Getting a PET/CT scan guarantees that your oncologist and treatment team will know exactly where your cancer is, how aggressive it is, and whether your treatment is working optimally. It will also tell you for certain whether you don’t have cancer.

PET-CT Comparison

So if you think you may have cancer, or have been told that you are cancer-free, based on any other imaging modality, please consider getting at PET/CT scan as soon as possible. You deserve the peace of mind to know definitively whether you have cancer or not – and what treatment options are best for you, if so.

If you’d like us to arrange for you to get a PET/CT scan, or have any questions about the process, please contact us today. Don’t worry if you live outside of the BC area, or outside of Canada – we will do our best to facilitate arranging a PET/CT scan for you in your local area.

And if you or a loved one has received a cancer diagnosis and wants information on how best to move forward, please connect with us today. Our cancer specialists are happy to help you any way possible.

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