Some Basic Questions

Some Basic Information:

How we gather information about you:

Once you contract us to provide you with a Personalized Options Plan and conduct personalized research for you, we will:

  1. Obtain your medical history from your doctor(s);
  2. Gather specific detailed information from you through our client questionnaire (available for on line download and submission);
  3. Conduct a telephone, Skype or in person consultation with you done in person or over the phone. (These consultations are typically 1.5 hours in duration.)

Once we have gathered the information we need we will begin our research on your behalf. You are welcome to call or consult with us at any time. 4 hours total consultation time is included with your Personalized Options Plan. Any direct consultation beyond 4 hours is billed per 15 minute portion of an hour at a rate of $200.00 per hour.

How we gather information for you:

  1. The data presented in the report is unbiased, scientific data and not the personal opinion of CTOAM researchers.
  2. We explore public and private databases of research studies to provide you with a meta-analysis of the current beliefs held by the scientific research community.
  3. We utilize our network of diagnostic, imaging, and treatment facilities, as well as researchers, and clinical trial data.
  4. The clinical trial data we present to you are based on multiple human studies and not on animal models or cell lines.
  5. We focus our investigation on targeted therapies such as immune or stem cell based approaches.
  6. Through public and private databases and our professional network we research new approaches to imaging, molecular assays, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation specific to your cancer.

How long does it take?

Once we have completed our initial consultation with you and obtained your medical reports we will complete your Personalized Options Plan and meet with you to share our findings and discuss the implementation of your treatment options within 10-14 business days.


The total cost of a Personalized Options Plan is $1,500.00 plus applicable taxes.

This fee includes a total of 4 hours direct consultation with your personal CTOAM research consultant, 2 copies of your Personalized Options Plan, and all necessary research hours to create the best possible plan for you.

We are happy to provide additional hours of consultation and advocacy, upon request, at a rate of $200.00 per hour or 15 minute portion thereof.