Personalized Options Plan Overview

How A Personalized Options Plan (POP) Benefits You:

Why is a personalized approach imperative to your treatment?

Because each person’s cancer is the result of both common and unique genetic alterations, it is essential to be able to access a wide variety of resources in order to find the most effective approaches for you.

With greater knowledge about the molecular basis and diagnostic and treatment options that are specific to your cancer:

  • You are better able to be confident in your understanding of the benefits and disadvantages of any particular approach.
  • You will be able to immediately incorporate highly beneficial changes to diet or lifestyle that directly influence the growth of your cancer cells and your longstanding recovery.
  • You will be able to incorporate multiple approaches to target resistant tumor cells.
  • You will be able to identify and avoid approaches that have no real basis or offer less benefit to you.
  • But most importantly, you will feel comfortable knowing that you are doing all you can!

When you hire Cancer Treatment Options and Management to prepare a POP for you, you are hiring your very own cancer researcher to explore the most recent advancements in diagnosis, treatment and nutraceuticals that will have the most positive influence on your treatment and generate the greatest likelihood for longstanding recovery.

Your POP:

If you have received a cancer diagnosis, the greatest gift you could give yourself is a POP. A POP is an unbiased and thorough personalized research report that:

  • Outlines and explores the current data regarding the causes and standard treatments (pros and cons) for your specific forms of cancer.
  • Explores new scientific data specific to your form of cancer pertaining to the optimization of:
    • Imaging technology;
    • Surgery;
    • Chemotherapy;
    • Radiation;
    • Nutraceuticals (providing you with a personalized and cancer specific diet for daily disease management);
    • Clinical Trials; and
    • Adjunct Therapies

While the information contained in a POP is scientific in nature, each section has a brief and simple summary outlining the overall outcome of the research for that particular treatment option which allows you to immediately appreciate the value of exploring that particular option in your treatment protocol.

A listing of every study we reference in order to complete your POP will be included with your final report so that you, your family, and your medical team have all the background you need to feel comfortable trusting the accuracy of the information we provide.

A CTOAM research consultant will go through each aspect of your POP with you directly and answer any questions you might have in order to be able to feel confident in the information being presented to you and in your ability to take action on it.

We are happy to act as consultants and advocates on your behalf with your family and medical team as an additional service, to ensure that you have the support you need to move forward with the best treatment for you.