Resources for Family of Cancer Patients

Supportive resources and professional counselling

Resources for Family and Friends of Cancer Patients

Fortunately, there are some great tools and resources out there for family and friends whose loved one has cancer. These include in-person support groups, online forums, and professional counselling, to name a few. Check out the list below, and see which options feel right for you and your needs.

  • Join an In-Person Support Group
    In most cities you can find a selection of in-person support groups for cancer caregivers and loved ones of cancer patients. These groups are an excellent way to build a support network in your community of people who really do know what you’re going through. They’re also great places to meet folks who can quickly become lifelong friends. Just search online to find a group where you live.
  • Build a Personalized Online Support Community
    If you don’t live near any cancer caregiver support groups, or if you find you don’t have time to attend them in person, why not create your own online support group? An organization called My Lifeline provides a neat platform to keep your entire family and friends connected about your loved one. You can post updates, share information, and offer each other support.
  • Join an Online Survivors Network
    Communities like Cancer Survivors Network can be just as beneficial for family and friends as they are for cancer patients. Connect with others, ask questions, and share stories.
  • Participate in Online Forums and Facebook Groups
    There are many online forums dedicated to cancer caregivers and family and friends of cancer patients. These are useful for sharing information, connecting with people from the comfort of your own home, and feeling supported. In addition to forums, Facebook also has a variety of active cancer caregiver support groups that you can join, which provide a similar value.
  • Get Professional Counselling
    There’s no substitute to speaking with a professional, if you want emotional support. Seeing a counsellor or therapist is a great way to ensure you’re practicing good self-care, setting healthy boundaries, and are better able to support those around you.
  • Hire a Professional Caregiver
    If you’re experiencing caregiver burnout, or already know that you don’t have the bandwidth to provide the care your loved one needs, consider hiring a professional. There are many wonderful professional caregivers out there, and they can provide incredible value during this time
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Helpful Links About Cancer – for Family and Friends

Sure, the internet might have its flaws, but it also has many free resources on cancer. Explore these links below to learn all about caregiving, coping with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis, and how precision oncology can help them get better, faster.

If you’re struggling to cope with your loved one’s cancer diagnosis, email or call us to gain the tools you need to be there for your loved one. You can also schedule a session with our registered clinical counsellor for one-to-one support. And to learn more about your loved one’s options for the best genetic tests and targeted treatments that precision oncology has to offer. Register for a Precision Second Opinion.

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