MMR and MSI Testing

CTOAM provides our patients and their physicians with rapid access to MMR and MSI testing for enhanced confidence in identifying the best possible treatment protocol, and ensures that you have immediate access to the cancer fighting drugs that will benefit you most.

Mismatch Repair (MMR) and Microsatellite Instability (MSI) tests can very quickly identify whether or not a new class of drugs, known as immune checkpoint inhibitors, will provide benefits for you.

PD-1/L inhibitors are a type of immune checkpoint inhibitor drug that are providing excellent outcomes for cancer patients. In fact their results are so profound that we routinely screen our patients for MMR and MSI status at the outset of their work with us, to ensure that they get immediate access to this class of drugs that are showing such positive outcomes.

Typically patients who respond to these drugs will have also have PD-1 expression in their tumours, although this is not always the case. Therefore, we provide MMR and MSI testing to be sure these patients will be sensitive to these drugs.

MMR and MSI testing provides an extra level of confidence that immune checkpoint inhibitors will be effective in these patients as this form of test predicts responsiveness to PD-1/L inhibitors and other immunotherapies.

The data we receive from this test allows physicians and clinical trial sites to have immediate confidence in prescribing these beneficial drugs, thus greatly benefitting the outcome of your treatment.

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