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All cancer patients deserve to have access to the most advanced, evidence-based tests and treatments for their form of cancer, right? We think so.

A big part of CTOAM’s mission is to educate people on what precision oncology is in the first place. Understanding the scientific foundation of personalized cancer medicine is key: as more people become aware of the multiple benefits provided by this approach, the more accessible these life-saving tests and treatments will become.

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Education For Cancer Patients

We approach education as a necessary part of pushing precision oncology forward to its eventual integration with standard treatment.

Until that happens, our cancer experts will continue to work with cancer patients around the world to ensure they can access genetic testing, personalized cancer research, and targeted therapies. CTOAM’s tools and resources are designed to enable cancer patients make the most informed choices regarding their treatment plan. In doing so, we create the greatest chance for their recovery, as well as prevention of recurrence in the long-term.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of precision oncology for cancer patients and communities at large? CTOAM offers workshops, events, panels, and other educational experiences to help patients, loved ones, and doctors better understand this innovative approach. Contact us today to chat with our care team to discover how we can work together to raise awareness and save lives.

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Precision Oncology: Feel Better, Faster

Peace of mind, improved quality of life, and increased life-span are the natural outcomes of CTOAM’s innovative approach to precision oncology.

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