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No matter where someone lives, they deserve access to the best cancer treatment in the world, right? And fortunately, with today’s technology, that is now possible: you can get the most advanced genetic testing and targeted therapies available, all from the comfort of your own home. This is the future of not only cancer treatment but also health care in general.

  • Cancer patients from around the world
    Our precision oncology specialists have helped cancer patients from all over the world extend their lives significantly or recover from their cancer completely. We’ve worked with cancer patients from the United States, Europe, UK, Australia, South America, and Canada (where CTOAM is headquartered).
  • Global network of partners
    Because CTOAM’s research and advocacy work is entirely conducted through our online network of research, testing, and treatment facilities around the world, our specialists are able to get you what you need, regardless of where you live.

Most Technologically Advanced Cancer Treatment

Why choose CTOAM to be a part of your cancer care treatment team? Because our personalized research and advocacy work save lives – and you deserve to benefit from these life-saving services.

Benefits of Choosing CTOAM

  • Pay a lot less than in the US:
    If you’re living outside North America, it’s to your financial advantage to choose Canada-based CTOAM over US-based centers. Our fees for a complete records review and initial treatment options cost ten percent (one tenth) of what you would pay at cancer clinics such as M.D. Anderson and the Mayo Clinic.
  • Get the most medically advanced cancer care:
    Our precision oncology specialists gather the information you need to ensure you’re getting the very best treatment for your cancer, and fast. See our patient case stories to hear how we’ve helped many folks recover from their cancer.
  • Benefit from better privacy laws:
    Canadian privacy laws are far stricter, so your medical documents are very safe. We won’t share them with anyone, including your insurance company, unless you specifically ask us to.
  • Get the fastest results:
    Often within just 10 days you can receive personalized treatment recommendations and access to those treatments.
  • Win with the currency conversion:
    Because the Canadian dollar is worth less than many other major currencies, your costs become significantly less than if you were using services based in the UK, Europe, or US. ​Depending on the current exchange rates, ​the currency conversion will often be in your favour.
    So, in addition to CTOAM’s services being much cheaper than other treatment centers, you will be saving a significant amount of money, simply by benefitting from the conversion rate.
  • Stay home for tests and treatment:
    Unlike many cancer treatment centers around the world, CTOAM is entirely location independent. The tests and treatments we coordinate for you will always be located as close to home for you (and for as close to free) as possible. In the vast majority of cases you won’t have to travel to access them, which saves you valuable time, money, and energy.
  • Get financial coverage:
    You can often get most, if not all, of the cost back with insurance and tax deductions, and CTOAM will advocate on your behalf to achieve this.
  • Receive the best customer service:
    Canada is known for its excellent customer care, and CTOAM is no exception. You’ll receive our undivided attention and support throughout our connection with you and your family.
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Do you want access to the most advanced and affordable tests and treatments available in the world? If you or a loved one has received a cancer diagnosis, contact our precision oncology specialists today – and discover how we can give you treatment recommendations often within just 10 days of first working together. Register for a Precision Second Opinion, to discuss your case in further detail.

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