Cancer Treatment Consulting and Advocacy

CTOAM will provide you with Personal Cancer Treatment Consulting and Advocacy to ensure you know about and have support to access the best possible tests and treatment options for your cancer, today.

Our Commitment:

CTOAM, along with our network of researchers and integrated health providers, are committed to the highest calibre of research and treatment leading to the greatest success for each client and their family.

We are committed to ensuring that you are informed on the most effective and least invasive form of treatment for your cancer, and that you have access to the most current information on dietary supplements and nutritional influences to improve your statistical chances for success during and after treatment.

When you contract our Cancer Treatment Consulting and Advocacy Services:

  • We will consult directly with you and your health care team and will advocate on your behalf with your practitioner and any testing or treatment facilities you choose to explore.
  • We will provide you or your practitioner with the contact information of other specialists and facilities that will benefit you.
  • We will create a powerful, cancer fighting diet based on current human clinical trial data.
  • We will consult with you throughout your treatment and beyond to ensure you’re doing all you can to maximize your treatment options and healing potential.

With greater knowledge about the molecular basis, general issues, and diagnostic and treatment options that are specific to your cancer, you will be better able to understand the benefits and disadvantages of any particular approach and thus feel confident in any option you choose to pursue.

You will also be able to immediately incorporate beneficial changes to your diet or lifestyle.

More importantly, you will be able to identify and avoid approaches that have no real basis or offer less benefit to you.

But most importantly, you will feel the comfort and peace that comes from knowing that you are doing all you can.

Through our cancer treatment consulting and advocacy services we will provide you with current and comprehensive information on:

  • Your specific form of cancer (its genetic and environmental influences);
  • The most effective and least invasive treatment(s) for your cancer;
  • Dietary supplements and nutritional planning that will have the greatest influence on a genetic level and therefore, in maintaining the greatest health through treatment and in your recovery;
  • Clinical Trials and Adjunct Therapies


We are Independent:

Please note: CTOAM is not directly affiliated with any treatment facility or nutritional supplement company. As such, aside from the benefit of knowing you are getting the best treatment possible, we do not directly profit from any of the options we might present to you. Our sole bias is towards providing you with the greatest chance for complete recovery.

When you hire CTOAM to consult on your treatment plan, or to conduct personalized cancer treatment research on your behalf, you are hiring your very own cancer researcher to explore the most recent advancements in diagnosis, treatment and nutraceuticals that will have the greatest influence on your long term health.

We welcome the opportunity to advocate for you to help you access the best possible treatment for your cancer, today. Contact us and we’ll get started right away.