Mr. Alex Rolland, CEO
Cancer Treatment Options and Management Inc.

Dear Alex;

I’ve decided to send you this email because I want you to know what a difference you are making in my life because knowing I’m doing all I can toward long-term remission, provides me with both peace of mind and very positive outlook. In addition, the following background may be helpful for you to share with other men or women that may be diagnosed with some form of cancer.

Early in January when my UTI did not respond to antibiotics in a timely fashion, I feel very fortunate that I was in good hands with my GP who recognized the symptoms. She arranged for me to have a CT scan immediately which showed a mass in my bladder, she immediately referred me to one of our top urologists who shocked me when he told me I had bladder cancer and he set up an OR date for a TURBT surgical procedure Feb 6th. To remove the bladder tumor. Samples of biopsies were sent to pathology and the results stated aggressive carcinoma.

Even though I have the utmost confidence in my urologist, according to statistics, there is an 80% chance of tumor re-growth and I wanted to be sure that I was doing everything possible to obtain long-term remission. I spent hours on the internet searching for answers when I learned that a cancer specialist from Vancouver was conducting a cancer seminar at the Calgary health show March 18th &19th and am I ever so pleased that I attended. As you will recall, I visited with you after your seminar and because I was enthusiastic about our meeting on the 18th, I returned to meet with you again the next day and we have corresponded either by phone or email ever since.

My urologist suggested a follow up TURBT procedure April 9th to ensure that he got it all and after receiving a positive response from pathology, at your request, I sent you copies of all my health and surgical records concerning my bladder cancer. I was amazed at the amount of detail that you assembled and I can assure you that I’m now aware of how in depth that you go with your personalized approach. Your recommended nutraceuticals designed to work in concert to enhance the recommended treatment by my urologist convinces me that I’m definitely on the right track.

I feel confident & extremely fortunate Alex, to be able to avail myself of your vast experience and expertise and it is important for me to tell you how much I value our relationship.
Kindest personal regards,

Ron Edgar
Calgary, Alberta