Rindopepimut Significantly Increases Overall Survival of Treatment-Resistant Glioblastoma Patients

Rindopepimut is a vaccine that targets the epidermal growth factor receptor variant III mutation (EGFRvIII), which occurs in 31% of glioblastoma multiforme cases and is linked to poor long-term survival regardless of other factors such as extent of tumor removal and age.

In this study, patients treated with rindopepimut and temozolomide had an overall 2yr survival rate of 52% compared with only 6% for the matched control group. Furthermore, these results were seen in both temozolomide sensitive (MGMT methylated) patients as well as temozolomide resistant (MGMT unmethylated) patients. In addition, data from previous rindopepimut clinical trials (ACTIVATE and ACT II) has shown that approximately 20% of patients from each study are still alive and continue treatment at 6-8 yrs!

I like this approach because it is a targeted approach and does not produce damaging side effects, greatly improves the outcome for poor prognosis patients harbouring (EGFRvIII) mutations and provides treatment options for patients with temozolomide resistant tumors (unmethylated MGMT).
Celldex Therapeutics Reports Positive Mature Survival Data from Rindopepimut Phase 2 Brain Cancer Study at SNO 2011.

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