ER+/PR+/Her- Pre-menopausal Breast Cancer

Please note: While we have created these reports with the goal of educating people with little scientific background, the reports contain some detailed information and we recommend that you view the Power Point Presentation on our web site home page before reading them.

This report is a 33 page gene targeted nutraceutical diet completed for a pre-menopausal female patient with ER+/PR+/Her- breast cancer.

It is important to note that there are different subtypes of breast cancer defined by the presence or absence of ER, PR and Her receptors and whether the patient is pre or post-menopausal. Hormone positive breast cancers use different molecular processes depending on whether they occur in pre or post-menopausal patients. If this is not your receptor subtype, or you have already undergone menopause, then this report was not designed for the molecular processes specific to your cancer.

However, the report would still be of great benefit to you as it contains nutraceuticals and information pertaining to all breast cancer subtypes.

We will be adding reports of other breast subtypes as they are requested and we invite you to contact us to discuss the preparation of a report that looks specifically at your breast cancer subtype.

In this report you will find detailed information on:

  • Detailed explanations on the disease causing molecular and genetic mechanisms that occur in this subtype.
  • A customized diet plan designed to target the genes and molecular processes unique to this subtype and the scientific studies showing the effectiveness of these supplements in treating breast cancers. We also address how to improve the bioavailability and cancer fighting activity of these supplements and nutraceuticals;
  • Four pages of peer reviewed references used in this report. This data alone would cost substantial amount if you were to purchase these papers separately at a cost of $20-40 each.