Multiple Myeloma And Aspirin: Willow Bark Hit The Big Time


Inflammation is a factor in many types of cancer including multiple myeloma (MM). Aspirin inhibits several pro-inflammation signalling pathways mediated by nuclear factor NFκB and COX-2. Both of these pathways and their downstream targets are important in MM pathogenesis.

In this study, Birmann et al., (2013), looked at aspirin use in health professionals including 328 confirmed cases of MM. Participants with a cumulative average of ≥5 adult strength (325-mg) tablets/week had a 39% lower MM risk than non-aspirin users (HR, 95% CI: 0.61, 0.39-0.94; P-trend=0.06).

Furthermore, Persons with ≥11 years of continuous regular aspirin use had a 37% lower risk of getting MM (HR, 95% CI: 0.63, 0.41-0.95; P-trend=0.17).

I like this study because it shows how using a cheap over the counter medication can greatly reduce the risk of getting multiple myeloma.

Regular Aspirin Use And Risk Of Multiple Myeloma: A Prospective Analysis In The Health Professionals Follow-up Study And Nurses’ Health Study.

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