This letter is to give a recommendation to CTOAM and the quality of consultation service provided by Alex Rolland.  Had I not happened upon an introduction to the services offered by CTOAM, nearly 1 year ago, I don’t think I would be sitting here today.

To give you some background, I had been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.  I was not given the option to have surgery even though I was adamant about going this route.  Instead, I was directed to a chemo oncologist.  After 3 months of two types of drugs which reduced my immune system to 1/7 (one seventh of what it should be), I was being pushed into another 3 month program on a different drug.

At this stage, I was barely able to function, not sleeping more than 2 hours a night over several weeks. My better judgement told me to stop all allopathic procedures and give my body a rest – at least give it time to regain some balance and find it’s own natural rhythm. During this period, I tried alternatives and when these didn’t reduce the tumor (although they seemed to arrest the growth), I went back to the chemo oncologist who then prescribed a drug that I took for 5 weeks.  Alarmingly, the tumor progressed rapidly.

At this point I approached CTOAM and engaged their services in monitoring the drug treatment program.  Alex found that I had been prescribed a drug that wasn’t even targeted to my type of cancer. He also found that the diagnosis was not complete (in view of tests that could have been done to render a more exact treatment). My oncologist wasn’t concerned about any of this, other than to get me back on a full chemo by intravenous program. She flippantly wrote in her report that “my window of time had passed” a notation that both alarmed and put me into a depressive spin.

Alex Rolland was supportive through this traumatic period, offering advice on nutriceuticals, anti-oxidents, foods and other supplements and supplied me with the peer-reviewed scientific evidence so I could feel comfortable knowing they would actually benefit me and work synergistically with (and not interact negatively), with my treatments.

From CTOAM I learned about an expensive diagnostic tool,  knowledge of which made me feel a lot more comfortable when my oncologist coincidentally proposed this test the following week. Alex also suggested having the new chemo dosage level lowered – something I never knew was possible with the medical profession. That was done and I was able to tolerate the second chemo program with greater ease. Alex also made me more aware of clinical trials across the North American Continent – should this be a consideration in the future.

Throughout my treatment program, Alex Rolland monitored the lab results and doctors reports and gave advice on how I could increase my chances of recovery.  He researched the drugs and treatment modalities I was prescribed, giving me more precise info on how they act on the cancer cells and what alternatives there might be available to me.

He even researched and provided info on exercises geared to assist breast cancer patients.  In this second stage of treatment, friends and medical staff commented on how well I looked and said that I ‘didn’t fit the picture of someone having cancer.’  Believe me, this was not due to the chemo treatment I was on.

The knowledge base, expertise, and attention to detail that CTOAM extended to me underscores their professional services. Not only was I better informed and able to make more effective decisions regarding the treatment options, I truly felt Alex’s genuine concern for rebuilding his clients health and improving their quality of life.  There is no dollar value that you can put on the strength of such support and the courage it gives one to go forward in life.

With immense gratitude,

Miranda Ranger,
Vancouver, BC,