New Treatment Extends Life for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Most patients with advanced prostate cancer eventually become resistant to anti-androgen therapy (including bicalutamide therapy). MDV3100 is an advanced drug that blocks multiple processes of androgen signalling including binding of testosterone to the androgen receptor, impeding movement of the androgen receptor to the nucleus of prostate cancer cells (nuclear translocation) and inhibiting binding to DNA.

Patients treated with MDV3100 had a 37 % reduction in risk of death with an estimated median survival of 18.4 mths compared with 13.6 mths for men treated with placebo.

I like this drug because it targets multiple processes in androgen signalling, is associated with anti-tumor activity in patients who are resistant to bicalutamide and other standard anti-androgen treatments, and is effective in patients that have failed prior chemotherapy.

Medivation and Astellas Announce Positive Survival Data From Interim Analysis of Phase 3 AFFIRM Trial of MDV3100 in Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer.


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