The Key Issue in Effective Cancer Treatment

The problem with modern day cancer treatment is not the lack of treatment options. In fact, there are many scientifically established treatments and supplements that have a direct and positive impact on the treatment of cancer. The problem is that due to time and budgetary constraints much of this knowledge of new effective treatments and diagnostic measures does not make its way through to the doctors and health care teams on the front lines.

This means that valuable knowledge on sound medical practices that can slow or even stop tumor growth with greater precision and less harm than current practices is not getting through to you, the patient who needs it now.

In this day of the world wide web and the data that is accessible 24/7 in great quantities, it is a travesty that the fundamental limitation of science and medical care at this time, is not a lack of treatment options but rather, a lack of time and ability to interpret and utilize the new data that is constantly pouring in about new options for diagnostics and treatments that can have a powerful influence on your life span.

This is why CTOAM exists, to ensure that current data, relevant to your particular form of cancer makes its way through to you and your health care team as quickly as possible. This gives you the greatest chance of success and the greatest peace of mind. And that’s what’s really important.

We know that there are beneficial tests, treatments and nutritional components, all with peer-reviewed scientific support, that are not part of the standard treatment protocol.  In fact it is likely that, due to limitations in time and budget, your doctor/health team is not aware of many of these options. As such, they cannot recommend them to you.

CTOAM knows that each of these components has the power to positively influence the success of your treatment. You need to be aware of these options and have the support to take action to access them. We also know that your health care team is committed to your best care and that with the documentation and education CTOAM provides, your doctor will have the information they need to understand the value of these additional/optional tests and treatments.