Personalized Treatment is Key

To give yourself the greatest chance for complete recovery you must ensure that you are engaging in the most effective treatment(s) for your cancer and the specific genetic and environmental influences that caused it.

Many patients assume that the standard treatment for their cancer is best and that anything else is “alternative” or not scientifically sound. The truth is, there are many, scientifically/medically sound treatments available that when used instead of standard therapy or as an addition to standard therapy, provide a longer life span and less side effects.

However, patients are not always aware of the variety of options available to them and therefore, they miss out on optional or adjunct treatments that can have a profound impact on their healing.

Patients also often lack the confidence in their own understanding of the options that exist and so defer to their doctor’s basic treatment protocol rather than risk making a poor decision. There is another option.

You deserve to know that you are engaging in the best possible options for treating and managing your specific disease. Being educated on the latest research and treatment, public and private resources, and the nutritional components that have the most profound influence on your cancer, allows you to make informed, personalized choices in your treatment and in the daily management of optimum health. Our role is to educate you and to advocate on your behalf for the treatment protocol that will bring you the greatest success.