Cancer is Complex

The development of cancer is driven by an accumulation of genetic changes with some changes common to all cancers and others unique to a particular form. To further complicate the matter, the same cancer is driven by different genetic changes in different people, leading to variations in its aggressiveness and outcome.  Therefore, the standard treatment is likely to be missing some key elements, specific to you, that can enhance your chances for survival while reducing side-effects and recovery time.

Most standard treatment approaches do not consider personalized genetics (which treatments work best for the genes involved in your cancer). However, there are many databases and tools that can be used to statistically predict the chances of having certain genetic changes. Your genes directly influence the development and growth of cancer cells. Knowing the genetic changes that are at play in your cancer allows us to identify the treatments that would have the greatest impact on your cancer and on your body’s ability to heal. The more you personalize your approach the better you optimize your treatment success.