To CTOAM – Alex Rolland,

When I was given the diagnosis of Invasive Low-Grade Serous Carcinoma after my surgery last year, I thought “that’s it, I am a dead women.” Thank goodness a friend of mine directed me to Cancer Treatment Options And Management, where Alex Rolland has given me the knowledge and confidence, with eye opening awareness to the wrong foods I used to eat. I now eat the right kinds of foods so my body can stay healthy to fight the cancer cells in my body.

With the nutraceuticals Alex has asked me to take daily, my energy level is back up to normal, (in fact a few friends say I have too much energy), and I am riding my bike each day.

Alex Rolland has also given me direction in the questions to ask my doctors and with his vast knowledge in cancer has given me the confidence to be aware of my body and any changes.

With his urging I pursued the quick referral to the Cancer Clinic and bugged the doctors until my second surgery was scheduled and performed.  I was told by one doctor that I did not have cancer because what was found was so low grade. So my PET scan in Vancouver was cancelled.  The cancer that was removed would have shown up in the PET-CT scan.

My second surgery was a total hysterectomy and exploratory.  Cancer was found “in everything” removed, the doctor told me this the next morning in the hospital.  The omentum that was removed as well had the same type of cancer.   I had a CT done 4 weeks after my first surgery , and was negative for cancer.  With Alex Rolland’s guidance, I pursued the second surgery and had everything removed by my Oncologist.

I have also been battling high cholesterol and blood pressure for years.  Much to my delight my last visit to the family doctor brought me the good news that my cholesterol was back to normal and my blood pressure was down and I did not need to take my meds for these anymore.  This made me really happy.

I highly recommend Cancer Treatment Options And Management.  Alex Rolland has made such a difference in the quality of my life, and my family.


Gail S. Friestadt
Victoria, B.C.