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How to Afford Personalized Cancer Treatment Medicine

Part of our mission is to ensure that every cancer patient has access to the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatments that medical science has to offer.

  • CTOAM’s commitment to cancer advocacy
    Are you a cancer patient who wants our services but can’t afford them? Contact us today.
    • Financial contributions from donors can sometimes cover the costs of certain services for cancer patients most in need.
    • We may be able to provide our services at a reduced rate for patients in need. (Official documents required for proof of financial need.)
    • The companies we work with might also be able to provide their services for discounted rates to patients in financial need. (Official documents required.)
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If you’ve received a diagnosis of cancer, please email or call us today to access the best tests and treatments available worldwide – for as close to free, and as close to home, as possible.

As precision oncology specialists, we help you gain access to the most medically advanced tests and targeted therapies available today. Contact us now to discover the best treatment options for your unique form of cancer.

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