Download a Detailed Personalized Options Report Specific to Your Cancer Now

Cancer Treatment Options and Management offers you an opportunity to purchase a detailed Personalized Options Plan specific to your cancer through our Compassionate Care Policy.

These reports were initially commissioned by CTOAM clients, with specific forms of cancer, who understood that our medical system has limitations in the kinds of treatments it offers and even in the kinds of treatments it is aware of. If your Doctor doesn’t know about a new therapy that is showing results over that of standard treatment (which is a common scenario), how can they recommend it to you?


Our Personalized Options Reports only include details on approaches that significantly improve life expectancy and survival time when compared to the standard treatments.

The patients who commissioned these reports were committed to ensuring that they had access to the most current research on treatment options and sustained remission. Once informed of additional or alternate treatment options based on solid scientific data, their physicians were most often very open to exploring this additional treatments, leading to enhanced life-expectancy.

Through our Compassionate Care Policy which is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to the most current information on cancer treatment and prevention, these reports are being shared with you to provide you with the greatest chance of complete and lasting recovery.

If your particular form of cancer matches with one of our commissioned reports you can download your corresponding Personalized Options Plan and have immediate access to a detailed report identifying the most current innovations in cancer research, treatment and recovery.

If you don’t see a report that is specific to your form of cancer and would like to commission us to prepare a Personalized Options Plan or a Personalized Nutraceutical Diet Plan for you, contact us for a free initial consultation.

We are your personal cancer research team.

We research the world to find the most current research and treatments on your cancer.

Each report includes detailed information on the underlying genetic and environmental influences specific to your cancer and clearly explains treatment options that have been shown to be more effective than standard treatment for your form of cancer.

We only use peer reviewed, scientific data and research for our reports.

If it isn’t backed by solid science, it doesn’t make it into your report. This means you can feel confident that the information contained in your report has been tested and proved to be of significance above and beyond standard treatment.

We include all papers referenced in a detailed reference section at the end of your report.

Each of these referenced scientific papers costs anywhere from $20.00 to $40.00 each. Your report provides you with the key data from these scientific papers that is specific to your cancer, as well as with a detailed analysis of how you can best make use of the data presented to enhance your life expectancy.

Know you are doing all you can.

These detailed Personalized Options Reports will provide you with the tools to identify the best current approaches for your cancer treatment and recovery.

They are updated every 6 months with any innovations that have been made in all aspects of cancer treatment and sustained remission.

We believe that the enhanced understanding of cancer and of the new technologies and treatments that are currently available that you will acquire from reading these reports will open your mind to the numerous treatment possibilities available and provide you with the confidence to take a proactive approach in fighting your cancer and in maintaining long standing recovery.