Metastatic Melanoma:

Please note: While we have created these reports with the goal of educating people with little scientific background, the reports contain some detailed information and we recommend that you view the Power Point Presentation on our web site home page before reading them.

This report is a 59 page meta-analysis commissioned by a male patient with Metastatic Melanoma.

It is clear from our research, that with a combination approach of proper dosing of nutraceuticals and engagement in some promising clinical trials, options exist currently to provide those with a diagnosis of Metastatic Melanoma with increased survival rates and, as the research indicates, in some cases, full remission.

It is important to note that there are many different subtypes of melanoma and this report was designed for the molecular processes specific to a common melanoma subtype. However, there is a substantial amount of information that covers most melanoma subtypes included in this report and it would be of significant benefit to anyone diagnosed with this form of cancer.

Things you will learn from reading this report are:

  • The causes of this disease, how it is diagnosed and characterized, statistics on various standard treatments and concerns we have regarding certain standard approaches to treatment;
  • Detailed explanations of the disease-causing molecular and genetic mechanisms that occur in this melanoma subtype. We also provide you with a complete list of new drugs designed to target these molecular mechanisms, showing success greater than that of standard treatments alone;
  • Recent advances in treatment available through free clinical trials including the combined use of chemotherapy with vaccines, immunotherapy, vector-based delivery of anti-cancer agents, and molecular targeted therapies. We only include approaches that significantly improve life expectancy and survival time when compared to the standard treatments;
  • A customized diet plan designed to target the genes and molecular processes unique to this melanoma subtype and the scientific studies showing the effectiveness of these supplements in treating melanoma. How to improve the bioavailability and cancer fighting activity of these supplements and nutraceuticals;
  • Five pages of peer reviewed references used in this report which alone would cost a substantial amount were you to purchase these separately at a cost of $20-40 per paper.