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Imagine 20 years from now and your child or grandchild has been diagnosed with cancer. Would you want them to have access to the most accurate diagnosis possible, and to the treatment that is going to be the best for their cancer, through the Canadian healthcare system? Of course you would.

About 1 in 2 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetimes and 1 in 4 will die of the disease

Education and advocacy are two of the most important aspects of what we do at CTOAM. Through the education of our patients and their GPs and Oncologists, and our advocacy to ensure our patients get access to the very best cancer care available, we have already influenced the outcome of many people’s lives and spurred Canadian Oncologists to explore tests and treatments that they otherwise would not have provided their patients. We are, slowly but surely, changing the landscape of cancer care in the Canadian healthcare system.

Your donation can help us change cancer care in Canada

Our education consists of informing Canadians and their physicians about precision oncology and how the latest diagnosis and treatments can help them or their loved one improve their chances of survival, reduce treatment side effects and aid in the prevention of recurrence.

Chemo and radiation are no longer the only options in cancer care

Did you know cancer care varies from province to province? A diagnostic, drug, or treatment that would be covered in one province might not be in another – how are patients to know they are getting the best cancer care then?

For advocacy, we work with clients, doctors, and other cancer groups to promote precision oncology being more integrated into the Canadian healthcare system. We also advocate directly for our clients with their doctors, with drug companies, and insurance companies to ensure that they can get the treatments they need as quickly as possible for as little cost as possible.

Imagine a day where people no longer die from cancer

Your donation helps us create a world where people no longer whisper the word “cancer” and we deal with it head on with the best science in the world!

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