CTOAM: Your Partner in Optimal Cancer Care

Our sole purpose is to provide you and your patients with immediate access to evidence-based treatments that current research shows will provide the most successful outcome based on the mutations and lifestyle factors that are driving your patient’s cancer.

Working with CTOAM Saves You Time and Enhances Patient Outcomes

With a quick phone call or simple email we are on the case, coordinating tests and treatment options for your patient and providing you with brief, detailed updates every step of the way. Within a few weeks you will receive detailed diagnostic data identifying the drivers of your patient’s cancer, and a listing of the most effective treatment options for that individual.

Another simple call or click and we will immediately begin to coordinate access to the treatment you select for your patient (if not currently accessible through the public medical system), thus quickly linking you and your patient to the treatment they need most.

Your Own Personal Research and Support Team

We partner with you every step of the way, providing you with a brief, but detailed research report for each patient, allowing you to quickly identify the best treatments for your patient and, as needed, to have immediate support in coordinating patient access to the treatment you identify as most advantageous for them at this time.

Over the past 6 years, CTOAM has established strong partnerships with leading diagnostic and treatment facilities throughout the world, enabling us to arrange rapid access to the most beneficial cancer tests and treatments that medical science has to offer today.

While we have built solid relationships with these organizations, we are not required to recommend them nor do we receive any form of kickback or financial benefit for doing so. As a result you can trust that any data we provide is unbiased, and solely based on what is truly going to best meet the needs of your patient.

Evidence-Based Data = Confidence

You can have confidence that every recommendation we present to you, whether a diagnostic tool or treatment option, is based on peer-reviewed, scientific data and is shown to be providing results better than those offered by the standard treatment protocol for that patient’s form of cancer.

For every treatment option we identify for each patient through our testing and personalized research study, we provide you with a brief report including references to the evidence-based clinical data supporting those recommendations.

This means you can have confidence, as the treating physician, that the data we present to you is based on peer-reviewed, scientific data, and you can quickly explore the supporting evidence for the treatments our research has identified as most beneficial for your patient before making your decision on the best approach for that patient at this time.

See a Brief Listing of Diagnostic Tests and Treatment Options we provide.

This link will take you to a brief listing of the services we provide for CTOAM patients and for physicians.

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If you would like to speak to one of our research scientists about how they do what they do on behalf of our patients just fill in our contact form or call us directly at 778-999-5463.

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You can also watch a brief presentation of our services and how we partner with physicians to achieve better outcomes for cancer patients.

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