CTOAM Testing and Treatment Options at a Glance

Welcome, Medical Professional.

We value your time, so to give you a quick sense of some of the diagnostic and treatment services we can provide for you and your patient(s), we present a brief listing of our diagnostic and support services for your perusal.

For more detailed information click on the links provided below, or send us an email and we will follow up to arrange a conversation, at your convenience, to answer any questions you might have.


PET/CT Scan:

Scan results are provided within one week and include further recommendations for testing and treatment provided.

Tumour DNA Sequencing:

Detailed Genetic testing (tumour DNA sequencing). As primary physician, you will receive test results with a brief but detailed personalized research report with treatment recommendations, based on the most current evidence-based research pertaining to that patient’s form of cancer, within 4 weeks of our access of a tumour tissue sample.

ctDNA (liquid biopsy/circulating tumour DNA):

Results including a brief personal research report with treatment recommendations will be received by you within 2 weeks from the date of test requisition.

Mismatch Repair (MMR) and Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Testing:

Results including a brief personal research report with treatment recommendations will be received by you within 2 weeks from the date of our access to tumour tissue or blood sample.

Surgical and Treatment Options

There are many innovative, evidence-based surgical and treatment options available within Canada and elsewhere in the world showing excellent results over those of standard modalities. From Brachytherapy for localized chemotherapy to the Nico Myriad tool for brain surgery and tumour removal and many others, we can quickly connect you and your patient with FDA approved treatment options that will aid in their cancer treatment and recovery.

Just contact us for a brief consultation and we will tell you more about these options and how they can benefit your patient.

Clinical Trial Access

Clinical Trial Search :

At your request, our dedicated clinical trial coordinator will research clinical trial options for your patient. You will be provided with weekly updates on progress and with immediate contact upon patient acceptance into a trial.

Clinical Trial Coordination:

At your request, our clinical trial coordinator will arrange your patient’s access to the clinical trial you have selected, navigating the details of testing, travelling, and trial attendance. You will be provided with weekly updates on patient progress with their clinical trial treatment, and feedback from trial doctors regarding your patient’s progress.

Direct Consultation

At any time you can arrange direct consultation with one of our research scientists to discuss potential next steps for your patient. Our scientists are available for consultation at an hourly rate of $200.00 per hour plus GST or 15 minute portion thereof.

If you would like our team to review a client file, a detailed file review is provided with a brief report of identifiable options for testing and/or treatment at a flat rate of $600.00 plus GST.

To arrange for a brief consultation or patient file review, call us directly at 778-990-4606 or fill in our contact form, and we will follow up within 24 hours.