CTOAM: Your Partner in Optimal Cancer Care

Our sole purpose is to provide you and your patients with immediate access to evidence-based treatments that current research shows will provide the most successful outcome based on the mutations and lifestyle factors that are driving your… [Learn More…]

New Evidence that Widespread Breast Screening with Mammography is not Effective

If you are still putting great stock in the process of mammography for breast cancer screening it’s time to rethink your strategy. The Journal of the American Medicine Association (JAMA) recently published an article that echoes the data being… [Learn More…]

Pomalidomide Triples Survival Time For Treatment Resistant Multiple Myeloma Patients

Standard treatment for multiple myeloma includes drugs such as lenalidomide (LEN) and bortezomib (BORT). However, for patients with lenalidomide and bortezomib resistant multiple myeloma, there are few treatment options. Typically for these… [Learn More…]