This blog is a collection of my favorite new treatments for pancreatic cancer currently available through clinical trials. The start of each post contains a brief description of the approach, reasons I included it and a link to the trial website.

Amazing Results For Immune Based Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is hard to treat, with survival figures as low as 0.4% at 5 years and survival for metastatic pancreatic cancer remains less than 20% at the end of 1 year. However, a new immune based approach is radically changing the dismal… [Learn More…]

GVAX Vaccine for Pancreatic Cancers

GVAX is a vaccine made from pancreatic cancer cells that have been genetically modified to produce the cytokine GM-CSF, which stimulates the immune system. The cells are then irradiated to prevent cell growth. Results from a phase II clinical… [Learn More…]

NanoKnife: Surgical Resection Using Electrical Fields To Treat Advanced, Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer

NanoKnife is a surgical resection technique in which electrical fields are used to create small defects in a cell’s membrane resulting in cell death. I like this technique because unlike standard surgical techniques, it only destroys the targeted… [Learn More…]