This blog is a collection of my favorite new treatments for CML currently available through clinical trials. The start of each post contains a brief description of the approach, reasons I included it and a link to the trial website.

Advanced Stem Cell Transplants for Blood Cancer Patients

For patients suffering from blood cancers, a stem cell transplant can be a life saving procedure. With allogeneic stem cell transplants, the stem cells are taken from a matched donor (typically a family member) and infused into an immune suppressed… [Learn More…]

Nilotinib for Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Chronic Phase, Philadelphia Chromosome-Positive, CML

Imatinib was one of the first rationally designed drugs to specifically target the BCR-ABL fusion gene found in CML. Unfortunately, many patients eventually develop resistance to Imatinib. Nilotinib is a new drug designed to treat… [Learn More…]