Why Standard Cancer Treatment Isn’t Always Enough

We are concerned about the standard approach to cancer treatment in Canada, here’s why: 

From outdated diagnostic tests to surgical and treatment options and long wait times to receive necessary tests, surgeries, and treatments, our current medical system is falling far behind other developed nations in its effective treatment of cancer.

When dealing with a disease like cancer, where every moment counts, and finances determine which tests and treatments are offered to you and when, it is important that you have an advocate like CTOAM to ensure that you’re getting the best tests and treatments available for your cancer, immediately.

The Canadian Government itself has acknowledged, in a recent document entitled: “The Health of Canadians: The Federal Role,” that “…reform of primary health care delivery is essential to the efficient and timely provision of health care in the twenty first century” and we agree. (See more on this study below or click the link to read the entire review).

Given that our mission is to ensure that everyone has timely access to the best possible diagnostic and treatment options for their form of cancer, we are not fans of the current standard cancer treatment, and here’s why:

1. Standard Cancer Treatment typically begins with diagnostic tests (such as Ultrasound and CT scans – visit this link for detailed exploration of why these tools are not effective in cancer detection).

These tests do not effectively differentiate cancerous tissue from non-cancerous, nor can they identify the most aggressive tumours for prioritization of treatment. Therefore, people can more easily be misdiagnosed – and they frequently are.

Additionally, the standard diagnostic tools used in Canada do not clearly identify the location of all the tumours in your body, and so it is common for tumours to be completely missed, or to have only partial tumour removal during surgery.

We know that better diagnostic options exist for identifying where cancer is in your body, how aggressive it is, and if your treatment is working as well as it should be. At CTOAM we help you access these enhanced diagnostic options so you, your oncologist, and all of your treatment team can have confidence that you know where the cancer is in your body, and how well your treatment is working, for certain.

2. Standard Cancer Treatment does not differentiate between healthy cells and cancerous ones.

Standard cancer treatment (radiation and chemotherapy) works by attacking all the rapidly reproducing (stem) cells in the body (which is why you lose your hair, for example), and hoping that the treatment will get enough of the cancerous cells before too much damage has been done to the healthy cells for you to recover.

There was a time when this truly was the best that science and oncology could do. As a result, we do not fault the system for providing this treatment in the past. Many lives have been saved – or at least prolonged – with these options in the past.

However, too much is now known about the harm of standard chemotherapy and radiation to your body during and after treatment for us to feel comfortable recommending this option. Not only that, there are just too many new, targeted cancer therapy options for current science to support broad scope chemo and radiation treatment.

The great news is that science has developed targeted chemotherapy and targeted radiation options that you can access today for both greater localization of treatment and greater success with eradicating cancer from your body. This means that whatever treatment you engage in will directly target the cancer cells in your body and leave your healthy tissue largely unaffected. And this means fewer side effects for you during and after treatment.

Better treatment outcome with fewer side effects. That’s what we want for you. And that’s what you won’t get with standard cancer treatment as it exists today.

3. Standard Cancer Treatment, for the most part, treats every breast cancer patient like every other. Same with all other forms of cancer.

But science has conclusively shown that regardless of where the cancer shows up in your body, each cancer is triggered by a unique subset of genetic mutations and lifestyle factors.

The days of one-size-fits-all cancer treatment are over (as far as science and technology are concerned anyway). However, due to lack of funding and education, current standard cancer treatment in Canada still approaches cancer treatment in the old way.

The good news is you don’t have to settle for that. With CTOAM’s personalized cancer research and our support, you can access the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options worldwide, to ensure you are truly getting the best possible cancer care available today.

With the detailed scientific data and references we provide, you’ll not only have confidence that you are doing the best you can for yourself and your family, but you’ll also have the support you need in accessing these life saving options simply and quickly.

4. Which brings me to another key concern with Standard Cancer Treatment: wait times.

Currently the amount of time that passes between a patient complaining of a potentially cancer related symptom and a proper diagnosis (and then access to treatment) can be many months, if not years.

According to a study and subsequent proposal for necessary changes to standard treatment, the Canadian government itself recognizes that wait times (and standard treatment in general) is sorely lacking and is letting the Canadian people down in a fundamental area of health.

This study, entitled “The Health of Canadians: The Federal Role,” requisitioned by the Canadian government and presented to the Ministry of Health, goes so far as to say that if the Canadian government isn’t going to immediately do more to decrease wait times for access to cancer diagnostics and treatments, as well as provide patients with more current and effective diagnostic and treatment options, the government is effectively remiss in its treatment of cancer. It goes on to say that citizens could petition the courts to permit them access to scientifically proven treatments outside of mainstream cancer treatment, without restriction and with financial compensation by their insurance provider or federal health care coverage.

In other words, the system knows it’s outdated and failing the Canadian people. Discussions are ongoing on the Federal level about whether to simply open the door to Government funding of scientifically proven cancer tests and treatment options, or to revamp the system entirely to provide these life saving tests and treatments within the system, so that they become the standard cancer treatment in Canada.

We would be happy with either option as either means you would get more rapid access to the best possible tests and treatment options available today.

But until this document becomes a reality, we are here to span the gap between the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options, and you gaining access to them.

Get immediate access to the best tests and treatments available today:

All this is to say, the fact is that standard cancer treatment in Canada, by the Canadian Government’s own admission, is sorely lacking.

Until citizens have petitioned for updated cancer care, or the Government has, of its own volition, created access to these new tests and treatments, you have access to them through CTOAM’s personalized research and advocacy service. We will work with you to help you access the best possible tests and treatments for your form of cancer.

We can arrange for you to access tests this week and have concrete data about your cancer within days. We can then identify the best possible treatment options available for you, and often gain you access to those treatments within 3 weeks (or less).

So, reach out, ask some questions, share a bit about your specific circumstances and let’s get you started on feeling confident that you’re doing the very best you can, based on solid, peer-reviewed science, to overcome cancer and get on with your life.