Nutraceuticals are components of  foods or supplements that have a proven role in regulating the genes and processes involved in cancer.

Certain foods have been shown to directly affect cancer causing genes and make it harder for them to trigger cancer growth, while others have been shown to directly bolster those genes that work to suppress cancer from developing.

The results we have seen in our patients from just one week on a nutraceutical diet are remarkable and clearly demonstrate how powerfully the right foods can impact the right person.

These simple adjustments to your diet and the addition of certain supplements play a significant role in the outcome of your cancer treatment and in the prevention of recurrence.

There are new studies every week, throughout the world, demonstrating the positive impact on all aspects of cancer treatment and prevention from adding simple food and supplements to your diet.

Nutraceutical Diet vs. Naturopathic Diet

We urge you to remember that a nutraceutical diet is an entirely different concept from the standard naturopathic (no sugar, no gluten, no dairy) diet.

A nutraceutical diet is based on science specific to your body and the genes driving your cancer. The other is based largely on assumption and guess work and engages in all or nothing thinking (strict restrictions) that often lead to a failure for patients who struggle to comply with the treatment suggestions.

In order for any changes in your behaviour to stick, they have to make sense:

1. You must understand why these changes are important (the science must be clear and the data must show a clear benefit to you); and

2. You have to feel hopeful that you will be able to follow the guidelines consistently enough to experience the benefits of the changes you have made.

A nutraceutical diet takes these fundamental pieces of lasting change into consideration and adjusts only those things that, according to scientific data and repeated peer-reviewed studies, are clearly shown to have a benefit to you and the genes involved in your cancer directly.

A Nutraceutical Diet Considers Two Key Factors:

1. What we know about you, your lifestyle habits and the genes driving your cancer.

2. What the most current, peer-reviewed scientific data says about the foods and natural supplements that will have the most profound effect on your genes and chronic conditions.

Our researchers consider these two key groups of data to create your personalized nutraceutical diet.

The Value of a Nutraceutical Diet

For Cancer Therapy / Cancer Treatment:

There are a vast number of nutraceuticals that have been proven to regulate specific oncogenes (cancer driving genes) and tumour suppressor genes (cancer preventing genes).

By utilizing a daily diet of nutraceuticals specific to all of the possible gene combinations found in your particular form of cancer, we can inhibit the over-expressed oncogenes unique to that form of cancer.

For Cancer Prevention and Prevention of Recurrence:

Nutraceuticals provide an inexpensive and non-toxic form of metronomic (daily) dosing for long term cancer management. Meaning with the simple addition of certain foods and supplements to your diet, you can directly affect the ability of cancer genes to trigger cancer development in your body, and you can help your tumour suppressor genes to function fully.

Get Your Nutraceutical Diet Plan Today

We will create a nutraceutical diet that directly targets the genes driving your cancer and aids your tumour suppressor genes to do their best to suppress cancer in your body.

Contact us to ask more questions about the science behind a nutraceutical diet and learn more about how it will benefit your cancer treatment and prevention of recurrence.

There is a lot you can do to impact your cancer simply and inexpensively from your home.

Find out more today, and get started making simple changes that will provide significant results.