Why Personalized Cancer Treatment is a Must

Personalized Cancer Treatment is not just an option, it is a must.


Current medical science clearly shows that every cancer is unique to each person, and is triggered by a unique set of mutations and lifestyle variables that need to be addressed in tandem in order for your recovery to be complete. 

Identifying the mutated genes that are driving your cancer to grow, and making sure that your diet, lifestyle, and medical treatment directly target these mutations is now possible given recent advancements in cancer treatment. It just isn’t necessary for you to be ‘trusting’ and ‘hoping for the best’ when it comes to your cancer care.

When you engage in personalized cancer treatment, you will have complete confidence, based on solid, scientific data, that you know what is driving your cancer, and that the treatment you are engaging in is the best possible one available for your cancer today.

The Canadian Government Agrees

In a thorough review of the current treatment system for cancer in Canada, the Canadian government itself clearly states that the system is outdated and lacking in funding, resources, and education for staff and patients, and that cancer patients should have the option to access enhanced (more current/effective) treatment options – either within the system or through a third party – with the Government funding these treatments for you if they aren’t going to provide them directly.

That should tell you something about the importance of exploring cancer treatment options beyond those offered by current standard cancer treatment.

The Facts Are:

Science has conclusively shown that enhanced diagnostic options such at PET/CT, Detailed Genetic Testing, and Liquid Biopsies (ctDNA, cfDNA tests), as well as targeted chemotherapies, targeted radiation, nutraceuticals, and simple lifestyle adaptations can all be used together to create the most advanced and successful cancer treatment possible in this day and age.

CTOAM understands these facts and exists to provide you with immediate access to all of these life saving options. Think of us as your own personal executive assistant for every aspect of your cancer care. We take care of all the research, planning, coordination, and access to treatments, so that you get to focus on getting well and getting on with your life.

Our page on standard cancer treatment and what is lacking will fill you in on why you should not just settle for the tests and treatment options put forth by standard Canadian medicine.

Our page on our services overall will fill you in on some of the data as to why personalized cancer treatment is so important, and how everything we do will provide you with results better than standard cancer treatment, and is based on reputable, peer-reviewed science.

For specific information on personalized cancer treatment and precision oncology, we have prepared some information for you to help you appreciate what science says is the most effective way to approach cancer treatment today.

You can read more about the benefits of a nutraceutical diet and how to make sure you’re making the best possible use of the dietary and self-care options for enhancing your cancer treatment and creating the most successful outcome possible.

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