Can’t Stand The Heat: Targeting Heat Shock Proteins In Glioblastomas.

HSPPC-96 is a prophage vaccine manufactured from a patient’s own tumor cells that targets tumor specific heat shock proteins (HSP). HSPs are proteins found in all types of cells. When cells are exposed to increased temperatures or other stresses, HSPs help maintain the specific structure that cellular proteins need in order to function.

When HSPs are purified from a patient’s tumor and then injected back into the patient, they interact with antigen presenting cells that then express HSP-associated antigenic peptides, causing a CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell immune response that targets the patient’s own cancer cells.

A recent phase II trial combining HSPPC-96 plus radiation/temozolomide in 46 patients with newly diagnosed GBM resulted in significant clinical benefits.
In this study, the median progression free survival (PFS) rate was 17.8 months with 63% of the patients progression free at 12 months and 20% progression free at 24 months.

Furthermore, the median overall survival (OS) was 23.3 months with 85% of the patients being alive at 12 month and 50% of patients still alive and many surviving beyond the 24 month study period!

In comparison, the PFS for standard treatment (radiation plus temozolomide) alone, is 6.9 months and the OS survival rate is 14.6 months. I like this approach because it is a non-invasive approach that can greatly improve overall survival for patients with GBM.

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