Why CTOAM Exists

Our Mission:

CTOAM exists to ensure that everyone has access to the best possible tests and treatment options for their unique form of cancer and for prevention of recurrence.

Peace of mind, minimal interruption of day to day life and increased life-span are the natural outcomes of CTOAM’s innovative, personalized cancer research and treatment program.

Our Founder:

CTOAM President and Founder, Alex Rolland has a passionate commitment to ensuring that all who receive a cancer diagnosis also have access to the most effective and least invasive form of treatment possible.

With over a decade of experience consulting and advocating for cancer patients, Alex has the direct experience with the medical system and with the exploration of new/optimal treatments for his clients that allows him to see clearly what is needed to optimize treatment and how to go about making that a reality for you.

Meet our core team.

A Broad Understanding Is Needed:

Alex is a firm believer that a multi-disciplined approach to understanding cancer is required. As such, he has studied the molecular, biochemical, immunological, and clinical treatment of cancer.

Alex has taught post-secondary cell biology and genetics labs at the University of Victoria, BC, and has conducted research studies at the University of Victoria and University of British Columbia (UBC, BC Cancer Agency).

He understands cancer inside and out and understands the strengths and limitations of our current cancer treatment protocols.

The Key Issue in Effective Cancer Treatment:

His experience teaching, researching, and advocating for clients undergoing standard treatment for various forms of cancer led our founder to a troublesome realization:

The problem with modern day cancer treatment is not the lack of treatment options. In fact, there are many scientifically established treatments and supplements that have a direct and positive impact on the treatment of cancer. The problem is that due to time and budgetary constraints much of this knowledge of new effective treatments and diagnostic measures does not make its way through to the doctors and health care teams on the front lines.

This means that valuable knowledge on sound medical practices that can slow or even stop tumor growth with greater precision and less harm than current practices is not getting through to you, the patient who needs it now.

In this day of the world wide web and the data that is accessible 24/7 in great quantities, it is a travesty that the fundamental limitation of science and medical care at this time, is not a lack of treatment options but rather, a lack of time and ability to interpret and utilize the new data that is constantly pouring in about new options for diagnostics and treatments that can have a powerful influence on your life span.

This is why CTOAM exists, to ensure that current data, relevant to your particular form of cancer makes its way through to you and your health care team as quickly as possible. This gives you the greatest chance of success and the greatest peace of mind. And that’s what’s really important.

When you hire CTOAM to consult on your treatment or to prepare a Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan for you, you are hiring your very own cancer researcher to explore the most recent advancements in diagnosis, treatment and nutraceuticals that will have the greatest influence on your long term health.

Our Commitment:

CTOAM along with our network of researchers and integrated health providers are committed to the highest calibre research and treatment leading to the greatest success for each client and their families.

We Are Independent:

CTOAM is not directly affiliated with any treatment facility or nutritional supplement creator. As such, you can trust that if we are recommending a test, treatment or supplement (nutraceutical) it is because it is best for you and not because of any perks to us. (Aside from the perk of knowing we’ve done our best to help you overcome cancer and live a long and healthy life, that is.)

Peer-Reveiwed Data Only:

You can rest assured knowing that all of the information that CTOAM provides you in your Personalized Cancer Treatment Options Plan is based on recent scientific, peer-reviewed studies. This means you and your doctor can be certain that you are as informed as you can be and that the information you are receiving from us is solid scientific data. (All sources and data are fully referenced in your Personal Cancer Treatment Options Plan and appropriate documentation is attached.)