The Cancer Treatment Options and Management team is comprised of cancer researchers and educators throughout the world with diverse backgrounds in cell biology, biochemistry, immunology, oncology and clinical cancer among others.

Given that the field of cancer research is constantly evolving, we know that keeping abreast of the innovations in diagnosis and treatment as well as the most current knowledge on cancer prevention is the most important thing we can do to fulfill our mission of ensuring everyone has access to the best possible cancer care.

To fulfill our goal we pour over journals and we directly consult with research and treatment specialists and facilities that are currently producing the best treatment results for YOUR specific form of cancer.

In other words, when CTOAM is on your treatment team you can trust that your personalized treatment plan will be produced by the specialists that CURRENTLY rank at the TOP OF THEIR FIELD based on the results they are getting with their patients.

Whether in the field of diagnostics, imaging, advanced surgical tools and techniques, molecular targeted drugs, off label drugs, optimized chemotherapy and radiation therapy, or cancer fighting dietary and supplement plans, The CTOAM Team and our colleagues will ensure you know what science says is the best possible option for you at this time.

Being informed about where the cancer is in your body and what is triggering it to grow as well the best possible treatment options for you and how to access them is what we do at CTOAM. Your success and longevity are what we are here for. Call or email us today for your free consultation and find out how we can help you do all you can to beat cancer.



Alex Rolland: Founder and Chief Research Scientist

BSc (Honours with distinction) Molecular/Cell Biology

Alex Rolland is the CEO and founder of Cancer Treatment Options and Management and director of scientific research.

Alex has taught post-secondary cell biology and genetics labs (at the University of Victoria, BC) and has studied and conducted research at the University of Victoria and University of British Columbia (UBC Dept. Medical Genetics). Alex is a firm believer that a multi-disciplined approach to understanding cancer is required. As such, he has studied the molecular and cell biology, biochemical, immunological and clinical treatment of cancer.

While pursuing graduate studies at the acclaimed Terry Fox Laboratory (BC Cancer Agency), Alex came to a troublesome realization: A significant number of new and effective therapies are not reaching cancer patients due to the fact that they are too specialized to have a universal application. With this in mind, Alex put his graduate studies on hold in order to establish Cancer Treatment Options and Management and to ensure that people who need cancer treatment today have a knowledgeable advocate in their corner, ensuring them access to the tests and treatments that will have the most immediate and positive effect on their treatment outcome.

Alex has a passionate commitment to ensuring that all who receive a cancer diagnosis engage in the most effective and least invasive form of treatment available. With over 10 years experience consulting and advocating for cancer patients, Alex has the direct experience with the medical system and with the exploration of new/optimal treatments for his clients that allows him to see clearly what is needed to optimize treatment and how to go about making sure you get immediate access to the tests and treatments you need most.

In his free time, Alex enjoys playing guitar, practicing mixed martial arts and spending time with his family.

For anything specifically science related contact Alex directly at:


Michelle Morand: Client Care Coordinator

Michelle Morand, MA, RCC: Client Care Coordinator

Michelle Morand is the Client Care Coordinator for Cancer Treatment Options and Management.

She creates the protocols for CTOAM staff to ensure that our patients’ needs are met as efficiently and effectively as possible and communicates with our patients and their families to ensure easy and efficient access to the tests and treatments you need for your recovery.

Michelle has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and counsellor as the founder and Director of The CEDRIC Centre ( a treatment facility for eating disorders, addictions, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Michelle has dedicated her professional career to helping others and to finding ways to make their healing as rapid and lasting as possible.  She is honoured to have the opportunity to support those who have received a cancer diagnosis to access the best quality care and the most effective treatments available for their unique form of cancer today.

She is proud to be working with the CTOAM team to provide the best care and support possible and to further ensure that one day everyone who receives a cancer diagnosis will have access to personalized genetic research and to the best possible treatment for their cancer.

For anything pertaining to your needs as a cancer patient, survivor, or clinician, please contact Michelle: or call her direct line 778-990-4606


Our Public Relations and Marketing Expert

Our Public Relations and Marketing Expert

Nadine Collison, MES: Community Liaison and Marketing Director

Nadine discovered early on that doing work she believed in was important to her sense of purpose and passion in life.

This approach to her professional career influenced Nadine to  pursue her Environmental Studies degree at the University of Waterloo during which time she began working with environmental non-profits during the summers.

After completing her degree she worked as a Volunteer Coordinator and Event Coordinator at several large multi-cultural events, where she learned the importance of community engagement.

While pursuing her graduate degree at York University, she continued to study non-profits and concentrated on Non-profit Management and Community Involvement. After completing her Master’s degree she became the Executive Director of the Compost Education Centre in Victoria. During her tenure there, Nadine worked closely with the community, board, volunteers, and staff to raise awareness of organic urban agriculture. Nadine recently moved to Saskatchewan from Victoria and is filling her time exploring the prairies with her two small children and husband. Nadine is excited to work for CTOAM and use her skills in community engagement, marketing, and research to further CTOAM’s reach and help more people.


Clinical Trials Coordinator

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Linda Patton: Clinical Trials Coordinator

Government administration and fund-raising are the two main components of
Linda’s past employment.

After graduating from Secretarial College with honors, she was employed as Campaign Secretary for the United Way. She also worked for the Ministry of Education’s correspondent unit, and held administrative positions with the Ministry of Health and the British Columbia Ambulance Service.

Linda has achieved the status of Bronze Life Master (duplicate bridge), Victoria City and District Two-Ball Champion (golf), and Club Champion (golf). Her favourite authors are Charles Dickens, Dr. Jared Diamond, and Charles Mann.

On most days, she can be found puttering in her beautiful garden, making handmade cards, practicing the drums, or singing (but only in the shower). Her greatest pleasure is hanging out
with her grandson or visiting her five long-time friends (all in their nineties).

Linda has a long history of volunteering and helping those less fortunate. She witnessed, first-hand, the ravages of cancer, when she nursed her brother through his valiant but unsuccessful battle with throat cancer. This brought her to her work with CTOAM. Helping those with cancer to gain access to the best treatments available is something Linda is very passionate about. She will work tirelessly to ensure you get the treatment you need today.


Beyond Our Core Team

In addition to our core team, CTOAM is please to partner with researchers and treatment providers throughout the world.

We have formed strong partnerships with many specialists from all different walks of the medical science and cancer world.

Our partners are at the leading edge of their field and we work together to advance the treatment of cancer, one patient at a time.

We work with Private Oncologists and with Oncologists in the public medical system. We also partner with Universities, Private Medical Clinics, and with Government agencies in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

We also have established relationships with Pharmaceutical Companies to gain you immediate access to the drugs that will benefit you most, and with leading edge Medical service companies providing life saving options such as enhanced diagnostic tools (detailed genetic tests and medical imaging scans) and innovative surgical tools that are capable of removing cancer from places in the body that would otherwise be inoperable.

If a test or treatment has been shown to have solid science behind it and it is showing benefits to those with cancer better than those provided by standard cancer treatment in your region, we know about it and we will make sure you know about it too so you can feel confident that you are getting the best treatment for your cancer that science and medicine have to offer you today.

Know you are doing all you can. Contact us today.