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Hello, my name is Michelle Morand. I am the co-founder of Cancer Treatment Options and Management, or CTOAM for short.

Until May 1st, 2019, we offered a free consultation with our precision oncology experts. If you’re reading this page, you’ve found an older piece of our writing that has invited you to register for a free consultation.

Our second opinions are of such value that they are sought after, and used by, world renowned medical centers such as The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and MD Anderson in the USA alone – as well as many hospitals, oncology centers, leading edge testing facilities, and research labs around the globe.

Given the great success of our work to extend the lives of cancer patients, and to provide them with greater quality of life during and after treatment, our team simply cannot provide free consultations at this time.

We still offer our very powerful Precision Second Opinion service.

And, if your treatment has already begun – or is about to begin soon – then time is of the essence for you to ensure that you’re getting the very best treatment that medical science can provide you. That’s why we’ll make sure that you receive your Precision Second Opinion within 48 hours of submitting your medical history questionnaire to our Precision Oncology team.

When you get your Precision Second Opinion, you’ll have the information you need within 48 hours: you’ll have the reassurance that you’re on the right track, and you’ll receive very specific suggestions that you can take action on immediately, for next steps to make your treatment plan more successful.

But first, make sure you have confidence that this is the right path for you – find out more about the incredible benefits that Precision Oncology can add to your cancer treatment and prevention of recurrence!

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