Our Approach

Our Role In Cancer Treatment:

Our role is to educate you and to advocate on your behalf so that you can access the most effective options for cancer treatment and recovery.

In his 10 years as an advocate for patients with a cancer diagnosis, as well as his professional experience as a cancer researcher (at BC Cancer Agency) and University educator, CTOAM founder, Alex Rolland has experienced public and private cancer treatment from all angles.

He found one, highly frustrating theme playing out in each of cases he was asked to explore.

Front line cancer treatment protocols are not evolving nearly as rapidly as new research and treatment options are being developed.

Almost daily the scientific community releases new research on certain diagnostic tools, treatment protocols, plant phytochemicals/dietary supplements, and other beneficial considerations that aid in healing patients with cancer.

Given the incredible influx of new options for cancer treatment and symptom management, there should be great cause for celebration.

However, due to limitations in funding, which in turn limit the amount of time your health care team can spend researching new techniques and treatment protocols, much of this beneficial new research does not get translated into practical application.

This means that certain currently available approaches that may be better suited to the effective treatment of your cancer may not be prescribed to you simply because your treatment team is unaware that they exist or is confused about how to access certain treatments on your behalf.

Also, while diet has long been implicated in the development of cancer, cancer-fighting plant phytochemicals are not part of standard public cancer treatment practises. Science shows us clearly that considering plant phytochemicals during treatment regimes is important for two reasons:

  1. Some plant phytochemicals regulate the same genes and pathways targeted by chemotherapy agents which means they can interfere with treatment regimes. Thus, it is very important to the success of your treatment that you understand which foods and supplements will interfere negatively with your treatment and which will enhance it.
  2. Science has identified certain nutritional components that have the power to influence cancer cells at each stage of development. If ingesting a certain food has the power to restrict the growth of your cancer cells, you should be aware of these options and ensure that these foods become a part of your daily diet, now.

Solutions exist to benefit you now in all aspects of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. We are here to help you access them.

CTOAM Has The Solution:

CTOAM is your personal cancer research and advocacy agency.

  • We provide you with current and comprehensive information on:
    • Your specific form of cancer (its genetic and environmental influences);
    • The most effective and least invasive treatment(s) for your cancer;
    • Dietary supplements and nutritional planning that will have the greatest influence on a genetic level and therefore, in maintaining the greatest health through treatment and in your recovery;
    • Clinical Trials; and
    • Adjunct Therapies to enhance your cancer treatment and recovery.
  • We bridge the gap between the latest research in the treatment of your cancer and the medical professionals on your health care team.
  • We educate patients on how to utilize the abundant resources available to them and assist patients in creating an integrated healing plan leading to informed choices in treatment and in day-to-day management.
  • We are committed to ensuring the best quality of care and greatest success for each client and their families

CTOAM Services:

CTOAM is ready to support in any of the following ways:

Personalized Options Plan (POP): We will create a personalized research report specific to your medical history and the genetic and environmental factors involved in your cancer that addresses diagnostic and imaging services, treatment options, and nutraceutical combinations that will support the reduction of cancerous cells and the enhancement of your overall health. Our POP option covers all the bases of your care and treatment and leads to the greatest success and greatest peace of mind.

Included with the Personalized Options Plan are our consulting and advocacy services as well as client education.

You may also purchase one or a combination of the following services separate from a Personalized Options Plan at any time.

Advocacy: We will advocate on your behalf with your health care team and with any testing or treatment facilities you choose to explore to ensure that you have the support and opportunities you need to get the best treatment possible.

Consulting: We will consult with you and your family throughout your treatment and recovery to ensure you are doing all you can and that every aspect of your treatment and care is being attended to in the most effective way possible.

Education: CTOAM wants you to become an expert in information gathering specific to your health and the health of your loved ones. We show you how to educate yourself and how to keep abreast of the latest developments in cancer treatment and prevention. We teach you how to become a critical reader and how to communicate with medical professionals in the most efficient and effective manner.

You Have The Power:

You have the power to influence your cancer treatment and, in so doing, create the most successful outcome.

You have the power, with small changes to your daily diet, to influence cancer cells in various stages of development.

You have the power to educate yourself and to show others how to become educated about cancer treatment options.

CTOAM exists to help you realize that power and to live as long and healthy a life as you can.