Archives for February 2012

Validation of Vemurafenib in Previously Treated BRAF V600 – Mutated Metastatic Melanoma: BRIM 2 Update

Vemurafenib (PLX4032) is a next generation oral BRAF inhibitor for the treatment of metastatic melanoma harbouring the BRAF V600 mutation. Update from the BRIM 2 trial on previously treated patients has shown that 53% of the patients experienced… [Learn More…]

RANK-ing the Effects of Denosumab in Prostate Cancer Patients with High PSA doubling Times

Metastasis to the bone is a common feature of prostate cancers. When prostate cancers metastasize to the bone, they hijack the bone remodelling process in order to be incorporated into the newly developed bone tissue. Denosumab is a monoclonal… [Learn More…]